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Ranorex - Highlights

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Ranorex - Highlights

  1. 1. Ranorex - Key Highlights  Ranorex uses RanorexPath (Xpath) technology to identify and locate elements in the application. It automatically selects the best possible xpath for element identification.  Automatically generates object repository while recording.  Has provision to add both Recording & Code modules into a Test Suite.  Tests can also be written or customized using programming language APIs. Languages supported are C#, VB.Net and IronPython.  It also uses Image based object recognition technique to identify and validate elements based on the captured screenshots.  In-built validation feature enables user to insert checkpoints /assertions while recording.  Provides separation between object repository and the test code, thereby creating easily maintainable test projects.  Object Repository can be viewed in an XML format and can be modified easily..  Provides the ability to organize elements in Object Repository by grouping similar elements based on type and optimizing their path based on hierarchy.
  2. 2. Ranorex - Key Highlights (Contd...)  It generates screenshots automatically for each action performed on the application while recording.  Progress of the Delays or Wait times in scripts are shown for the user while execution.  In-built Code completion feature enables the programmers to code easily and effectively.  End2End Cross Platform testing can be performed. Eg: Test Scenarios which include navigating from a mobile App to a Desktop application/browser and back to the mobile App can be easily achieved.  Ranorex tests can be triggered from external test environments via command line as the Ranorex test projects can be exported as .exe files.  Ranorex tests can be run in a remote machine without Ranorex installation. It uses XCOPY Deployment feature to achieve this.  Ranorex can be integrated with HP ALM and Continuous Integration tools like Jenkins, Bamboo etc..
  3. 3. Limitations  Ranorex scripts cannot handle any native events which occur during execution of the automation suite. The script fails when it encounters such events.  The script execution time on android apps is relatively high. It waits for more time for element identification even when the element is visible on screen.  Generally, the Key Press operations are slower (both web and mobile). Eg: While entering values in any text field, it takes relatively more time to press the keys.  Generally, the script execution is not stable for consecutive executions on mobile apps.  Certain elements are not recognized by the Ranorex Recorder on Android apps. Eg: We saw certain elements in MBrace android app which we used for evaluation.  While recording, Passwords are recorded as asterisks (*) and the same is sent while execution (playback) instead of the actual value.  It is not supported on MAC platform.