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SciFi by Design Immersion

  1. 1. Welcome to a deep dive into Source: Adapted from Singularity University Armin Philipps Debbie Craig
  2. 2. Video: Elon Musk Tesla in Space
  3. 3. Elon Musk’s moonshots SpaceX, Tesla, Solar City Imagine you achieving your moonshot or vision quest ….
  4. 4. Imagination Realization
  5. 5. 1960 Today Driverless Cars
  6. 6. Remember Dr. McCoy from Star Trek? Here is the modern answer…
  7. 7. Shopping in 1960’s
  8. 8. Shopping is changing…
  9. 9. Video: Amazon Go??
  10. 10. Ambulance Services 1950’s
  11. 11. Smart Ambulances
  12. 12. Smart Ambulances
  13. 13. Video: Drone ambulance
  14. 14. Holo Rooms
  15. 15. Video: Holo room
  16. 16. “The world is not limited by IQ. We are all limited by creativity and bravery”- Astro Teller “The world is not limited by IQ. We are all limited by creativity and bravery”- Astro Teller
  17. 17. Now reflect on your vision quest …. What could success look like for you? Your moment of truth … knowing
  18. 18. Design Thinking
  19. 19. Design Thinking, a different way of thinking
  20. 20. Video: Google Assist
  21. 21. Examples
  22. 22. How do we get here? Not here?We are here Exponential Thinking
  23. 23. SCHOOL ON MARS
  24. 24. 26
  25. 25. Video: Mars 100
  26. 26. Mars One initiative South African researcher Adriana Marais. She is one of the 100 candidates To prepare for this settlement the first unmanned mission is scheduled to depart in 2020, Crews will depart for their one- way journey to Mars starting in 2026; subsequent crews will depart every 26 months after the initial crew has left for Mars. “Mars One is a global initiative aiming to make this everyone’s mission to Mars, including yours.”
  27. 27. SCHOOL ON MARS ACTIVITY In your groups, design a school for children on Mars in 2030. They are the future population of Mars, so need to know everything required for life on Mars. Imagine you need to be self-contained and only have contact with Earth 20 minutes Limited # of people can be transported and accommodated on Mars Put your design ideas on a flipchart Present your school ideas to the large group
  28. 28. Source: Adapted from Singularity University Now > Age: 10 DOB: 2020 Occupation: RobotProgrammer Lifestyle:Middleclasskid living in suburbs Pursuits:ExpensiveTech& Toys;geneticallyenhancing bodyto gain“superpowers”;controllingvideogames with brain;virtual realitysports Frustrations:Lovesvirtualworldmore than reallife programsrobots todo mischief,wishesbecouldbuy more tech toys;wants to outsmarthis AI-basedteacher. Age: 22 DOB: 2008 Occupation: BiomeScientist Lifestyle:Spendinga yearin orbit Pursuits:Documentingandstudyingbiomesaroundthe galaxy Frustrations:concerned abouthow colonisationofother planetsdisruptsindigenousbiome environments Age: 105 DOB: 1925 Occupation: Retired;FormerLawyer(Jobtakenawayby AI) Lifestyle:Middle-class,105-year-old manliving in a planned community Pursuits:Living in Tertiaratio,a 3D printedplanned community. Wantsto be firstpersonto live to 200;watching archivalfootageofbygonesports(football,boxing,autoracing) Frustrations:stopped receivingbasicincomeatage 100; robotsassistgivento him through1:1 elder-robotprogram Age: 55 DOB: 1975 Occupation: MiddleClassnew mom living in a city Lifestyle:Earth Hostorian Pursuits:Keepinghumanwriting/storytellingalive;removing anypotentialgeneticdefects fromchild,developing“actsof kindness”currencywith blockchain Frustrations:recovering frominvestingin unsuccessful technologycompanies;deliverydroneswontcome to her neighbourhood;parentsrefuseto use technologyto communicatewith her Age: 29 DOB: 2001 Occupation: MaterialsEngineer Lifestyle:Middleclass29-year-oldman,biohacking ina metropolis Pursuits:Biohacking;installingnanorobots intobrainto connectdirectlyto the cloud; seekingcompanionshipwith robots Frustrations:Wantsmoreaccess toopensource technologies;worriedaboutgovernmentreadinghis thoughts;wantsto harvestmore energyfromthe sun Age: 30 DOB: 2000 Occupation: EnvironmentalActivist Lifestyle:Livesoffthe gridin the countryside Pursuits:Sustainability;buildingfinancialsecuritythrough traditionalfarming;bringingawarenessto deforestation Frustrations:Seeksmoreface-timewith family; technology hasn’tcuredcognitiveissues;wantsto be more artistic Age: 35 DOB: 1995 Occupation: DroneOperator Lifestyle:Upper-middleclass,35-yearoldmand living in a nomadiccommunity Pursuits:Seasteading;designing AR artsculptures,flying in autonomousplanes Frustrations:Trouble gettingusedto 3D printedpartswhich makesup 80% of his bodydue to horrifichousefire Age: 85 DOB: 1945 Occupation: ProjectMarsParticipant Lifestyle:Upper-middleclass,85-yearoldmand living in a village Pursuits:IntegratingMars;promotingshare-basedeconomy, asteroidmining Frustrations:Allergicto spacefood;convincingfamilyto join heron projectMars;worried abouthow she will findmeaning on Mars Grigor Tsai Elite Gustavo Nia Tulsi Jonas Alexina • Privacy obsolete; all interactionsrecorded and available to public • Populations is nomadic • Billions of refugeesdue to climate change • People have moved south of urban centres • Majority of population in urban centres • Mars colonization • Free air travel • Free education for all • Decentralisedhealth care • Decentralisededucation SOCIAL STEEP2030FRAMEWORKS What are your hopes and dreams? NAME SPECIFICATION PURPOSE TECHNOLOGIES & ENHANCEMENTS WHAT WILL YOU DO? PLAY WHERE WILL YOU LIVE? NETWORK CUSTOMERS HOPES AND DREAMS FEARS AND PAIN POINTS What are you afraid of? What are your challenges? What do you wish you could change? Future location (urban/rural, physical / digital, etc.) Friends, Family, Partners, Connective Tissue Who will your customers or students be? How will they be different? What technologies will you use? What have they added, subtracted, multiplied on the body? Occupational role – what will you do for work? What will you do for play? Who will you be and what is your role? Age and Identity What will your goals be in this future world? PERSONAS 2030 CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT Partners, Collaborators, Technologies, Infrastructure, Support, Buy-in CONCEPT NAME OPPORTUNITY AREA DESCRIPTION HOW DOES IT ADDRESS / SOLVE FUTURE CHALLENGES? KEY USE CASES SKETCHES WHAT IS NEEDED TO MOVE THIS FORWARD? KEY CONCEPTS WORKSHEET RETROCAST Work backward from 2030 to today noting key activities & milestones Beginning now, I’ll work on these key activities: Now Beginning now, I’ll find these partners, resources, skills and training: By 2020, I’ll work on the following activities: 2020 By 2020, I have taken the following steps to achieve my goal: By 2025, I’ll be ready to work on these activities: 2025 By 2025 I’ll have made great progress in achieving my goal: By 2030, I’ll have achieved my goal. These are the activities required once the goal is achieved: 2030 By 2030, I’ll have achieved the following goal: CHOOSE A CONCEPT YOU WOULD LIKE TO BE TRUE IN 2030. WHAT WILL YOUR ROLE BE IN CREATING THIS FUTURE? 1 2 5 6 3 WORLD BUILDING IN THE YEAR 2030, THE WORLD WILL BE MARKED BY ______________________ , ______________________ , AND ______________________ , MY ROLE WILL BE ______________________ , AND MY CUSTOMERS (OR STUDENTS) WILL BE ______________________ , MY CUSTOMERS WILL NEED ______________________ , ______________________ , AND ______________________ . I/MY ORGANISATION WILL NEED ______________________ , ______________________ , AND ______________________ , IN ORDER TO ______________________ . IN ORDER TO MAKE THIS HAPPEN I WILL NEED TO ______________________ , ______________________ , AND ______________________ . What do you need in order to be successful? What would you start, stop or invest in right now? How ready are you for the future? What will you track more closely? SOCIOLOGICAL TECHNOLOGICAL ENVIRONMENTAL ECONOMIC POLITICAL IMPLICATIONS REFLECTIONS Summary of the steep variables you imagine for 2030 4 POSITION STEEP variable STEEP variable STEEP variable GROUP NEED REQUIREMENT NEED REQUIREMENT NEED REQUIREMENT NEED REQUIREMENT NEED REQUIREMENT NEED REQUIREMENT BENEFIT ACTION ACTION ACTION • Ubiquitous AR/VR • Ubiquitous autonomousvehicles • Ubiquitous AI & Robots wide-spread • Renewable energy is common • Commercial space travel • Telemedicine is common • Most people have personal gene sequence • Blockchain in commonuse for supply chain legal documentsetc. • Decentralizedgovernanceprevails TECHNOLOGICAL • Drinkable water is abundant • Drinkable water is scarce • Minor climate change • Major climate change • Major climate change was reversed • Formerlydesert areas are now fertile • Macrobiomeschange farming • Renewable energy is common • Big agriculturedisrupted;small local farmingprevails ENVIRONMENTAL • One universal global currency • Cryptocurrencyis norm • Favour economy prevails • Affordablehealthcarefor all • Free education for all • Increaseddisparity between rich and poor • Financial industry implodes • Gold standardreturns • Decentralisedinvestmentfunds prevail • Universal insurance ECONOMIC • Nations are mostly the same as today • Mostly peaceful • Small civil wars • War due to climate change • Universal digital currency • Ideologies,rather than countries • Developing world is now the centre of business and innovation • Patents are obsolete • Decentralisedgovernmentprevails POLITICAL Who will you be in this future world 2 0 3 0
  30. 30. 32 Economic • One global currency • Universal basic income • Cryptocurrency • Favour economy • Affordable health care • Free education • Rich vs poor gap • Financial industry? • Gold standard? • Investment funds – central vs decentral • Universal insurance
  31. 31. 33 Political • Peace vs civil wars • Climate change = wars • Universal digital currency • Ideologies vs countries • Developing vs developed world? • Patents obsolete • Central vs decentral governments
  32. 32. 34 Social • Privacy vs transparency • City vs urban • Climate change = refugees • Off-planet colonization • Free Air travel • Free Education • Free Health care • How will we be governed?
  33. 33. 35 Technological • AR/VR • Autonomous vehicles • AI/robots • Renewable energy • Space travel • Tele-medicine • Physical body enhancements • Gene sequencing • Blockchain • Governance • Ethics
  34. 34. 36 Environmental • Water • Air quality • Climate change • Deserts vs fertile land • Macrobiome farming • Rooftop gardens • Renewable energy • Smart cities • Big vs small agriculture
  35. 35. Visualisation and mindfulness activity
  36. 36. STEEP ACTIVITY1 In your groups, spend 5 mins at each flipchart exploring what the future might look like Then choose your own STEEP factors that will your scenarios
  37. 37. PERSONAS2
  38. 38. Who are we in 2030? NOW 2030 NOW 2030 ?? ??
  40. 40. ACTIVITY Go to the dress-up box and find items of clothing or accessories that can represent some of your future persona Be creative, use your imagination, sharing is caring Then present your persona to your group using the full embodiment of your persona – courage, passion, confidence, etc Someone in group to take a video of each person for future evidence
  42. 42. Examples
  43. 43. Video: A day made of glass
  44. 44. Black mirror examples
  45. 45. Atlas Example A cool tool
  46. 46. KEY CONCEPT5
  47. 47. Re(Solve) Learning Circle
  48. 48. RETROCAST5
  49. 49. How do we get from the future vision to what we need to start doing NOW? RETROCAST
  50. 50. NLP future pacing activity
  51. 51. Walking the timeline activity
  52. 52. Moonshots alone are not the answer… CULTURE
  53. 53. One Options: conduct a ‘pre mortem’ How can we learn fast?
  54. 54. Inside traditional structures? Rather create a free thinking and independent environment, outside current structures How do we enable (Learning) innovation in organizations?
  55. 55. In groups, share things that you can do right now to start your journey towards your vision quest? Identify any opportunities for collaboration post LIA
  56. 56. Debrief, summarise and so what
  57. 57. If we would just remember this more often…
  58. 58. Welcome to a deep dive into Source: Adapted from Singularity University Contact us for partnering you in your journey into the future Debbie Craig Catalyst Consulting (Pty) Ltd Phone +27 82 872 5429 Email Web Armin Philipps AFP Business Advisory Phone +27 82 578 4620 Email Web
  59. 59. Extra slides
  60. 60. Video: 4th industrial revolution
  61. 61. 66
  62. 62. 67 Future world of work The African context transformation, skills shortage, education & unemployment crisis Aging workforce, ethics, governance, Disruption & Continuous change Economic uncertainty, digitization, political instability, rapid change, lean, agile Digitising vs humanising Need for engagement, talent retention, focus, stress mgt, wellness, personalising “These changes have altered the talent equation, forcing us to rethink it” Leadership crisis ability to engage, strategic agility, decision making, trust, ethics
  63. 63. Video: 3D printing examples
  64. 64. Video: Garbage Gobbler