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Myth assignment

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Myth assignment

  1. 1. By: Cathy O.
  2. 2. ContentsWhy Do Some People Sleep Walk?The Lightning Thief Hero Quest PatternMartin Luther King Jr. Hero Report
  3. 3. Why Do Some People Sleep Walk?
  4. 4. Why Do Some People Sleep Walk?In the earlier days of life, Earth wasn’t a planet on its own. The Earth used to be connected to a planet called Vunnelus. Together, the planet was called Varthus. The formation of these two planets was caused by a common force they both had. The outer shell of both planets was covered by a rock called “Eptopia.” This rock had this little sparkle to it that made it attract one another. The people on Earth were just humans. Those on Vunnelus were either devils or angels. When the 2 planets collided everyone moved around. Vunnelus and Earth had both a mix of humans, devils, and angels. They all lived a happy several years. But, everyone knew the force of Eptopia would wear off soon. Once the sparkle stopped sparkling and attracting each other, Vunnelus and Earth would split. Zumeth, the ruler of Vunnelus and Mawicon, the ruler of Earth, both knew they had to gather their citizens. Earth was like a fairytale, everyone wanted to live there because the humans knew how to take care of it. Vunnelus, was half extravagant with the angels care, and the other half was like a junkyard due to the devils.
  5. 5. Why Do Some People Sleep Walk?Everyone had to return to their homes, but some didn’t want too. Of course all the humans wanted to return to Earth, but some of the Angels wanted to go too, they couldn’t stand being neighbours with devils. So, Zumeth, and Mawicon decided to put them to a test. They decided to find the difference between the humans, the devils, and the angels. They thought if the Eptopia rock brought the country together, then it should help pull it apart. So they used the Eptopia on all 5 of their senses. There touch, smell, hearing, and look were what they had in common when they reacted to the Eptopia. But when they all tried to bite into the rock, the 3 different creatures had different reactions. The devils, would turn black and stay paralyzed for a 10 minutes. The angels would sing a song, and the humans would just spit it out, and make this “EW” sound. They had 2 days left before the 2 planets split. Mawicon was doing a good job of testing, and made sure only the humans came back, and Zumeth did the best he could to send mind messages to those devils and angels in earth while they were asleep. Eventually, Varthus was about to split, the 2 rulers Zumeth and Mawicon bid there farewells, and that was the end, so they thought.
  6. 6. Why Do Some People Sleep Walk?It turns out Zumeth found out that some of his devils and angels were still on earth. Zumeth could only send messages to his devils and angels while they were asleep. During the split of Varthus, the devils and angels on earth did the best they could to stay awake until Varthus fully split. Of course Mawicon didn’t know and thought Earth was full of humans. So he continued to live his life regularly. But, each night when the devils and angels went to bed, Zumeth would send a mind message to them. Zumeth would try his best to make his devils and angels leave earth. He would mentally send a message to make them walk. There is a portal at the top of every hill, that leads to Vunnelus. Zumeth created this portal with his mind, waiting for success. But everytime Zumeth tried to mind message walk the devils and angels to the hill, they wouldn’t go, because Zumeth’s force alone wasn’t strong enough physically do it himself. Zumeth eventually had to intrude into Mawicon’s sleep and tell him everything. Together they tried to mind message them to walk and its worked. They could mind walk them with the 2’s powers. So every night the angels and devils would walk in their sleep to try and find their way to the hill to get to the portal. This why some people sleepwalk, Zumeth and Mawicon are trying to return the devils and angels on Earth to Vunnelus
  7. 7. Hero Quest PatternHOME: Percy lives in a small apartment with his mom and his greedy step dad Gabe in New York City. He then goes to Camp Half Blood because he’s in danger.
  8. 8. Hero Quest PatternJourney Away (why go): Zeus thinks Percy is the Lightning Thief. So Percy wants to go to Olympus to claim his innocence by returning the bolt. This is also a test to see if this is his oracle.
  9. 9. Hero Quest PatternObstacles: Percy has to do this in 10 days before the summer solstice. Percy gets attacked by a minotaur. Percy runs into Mrs. Dodds and 2 other ladies who are Harpies. Percy and his team get trapped in Medusa’s garden. When Percy is at the museum they get attacked by the Furies. Percy and his team met Ares and Ares creates a water obstacle created by Ares and Aphrodite. Percy and his team go into the Lotus Casino and forget time for 5 days. Percy has to fight Luke who created the whole problem to get rid of Olympus
  10. 10. Hero Quest PatternCrucial Struggle: Percy has to fight the gods with his special water powers and help prove his innocence.
  11. 11. Hero Quest PatternObstacles: When Percy returns to the camp he is almost killed by a poisoned scorpion that Luke summoned.
  12. 12. Hero Quest PatternReturn (rewards): He returns to camp as a hero and the war between the gods is over and Percy saves his mom.
  13. 13. Hero ReportMartin Luther King Jr. A True Hero A hero is someone who is able to do something almost impossible; someone who cares for the people and sacrifices themselves for what they believe is good. A hero is a lifesaver, someone who can create a benefit for their community, or even the world. There are many people who have made a difference in today’s society, but only one person really stands out. Martin Luther King Jr. is a hero because he was able to help stop racism, and stand up for what he believes is right and that people should not be discriminated.
  14. 14. Hero ReportWhere it all starts; as a bystander. Martin Luther was born in Atlanta, Georgia January 15th 1929. As a child King went to segregated schools. Being a child Martin couldn’t do anything about discrimination, he could only experience it. From little, Martin was discriminated because of his skin colour. He studied at Morehouse College, Crozer Theological Seminary, and Boston University. Martin’s grandfather and father, were both pastors. Eventually King was ordained and also became a pastor. The 3 of them were actively involved in the civil rights movement.
  15. 15. Hero ReportChange Martin Luther King Jr, has done many things to try and help and improve our society. Martin lead the Montgomery Bus Boycott in 1955, and in 1957 he then organized the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, and last but not least at the March on Washington in 1963, King gave his inspiring world changing, “I have a dream” speech. Firstly, when Martin lead the Montgomery Bus Boycott he was already starting to change the world, by having buses desegregated. The Montgomery Bus Boycott helped change the world because this act was beginning to allow blacks and whites sit anywhere on the bus. This helps prove Martin is a hero because we was able to help change the seating on buses. Secondly, King organizing the Southern Christian Leadership Conference makes him a hero because this helps fight for their civil rights, and protest. Lastly, King’s “I have a dream” speech helped make him a hero because King helped stood up for what no one was brave enough to do, King got up and talked about discrimination and his dislikes towards it. King wanted equality, he wanted the blacks and the whites to be treated the same, and to be able to do the same things. With King’s speech it has inspired millions and has shown how brave Martin Luther is.
  16. 16. Hero ReportAccomplished King has won many awards from colleges and universities, and he won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964. King was ranked second on Gallup’s List of Widely Admired People. This helps prove that many people look up to King for what he has done, and stood up for. Martin Luther King Jr. died by being shot on April 4 1968 while he was talking about poverty, and the Vietnam war. Only after he died that they realized how big of an impact he had on society. So, George Bush in 1992 stated that the third Monday of ever January, is King’s birthday. They call that day Martin Luther King Jr.
  17. 17. Hero ReportConclusion Martin Luther King is a hero, because he was brave, and did the impossible, he stood up for what was wrong, no one else was as brave enough to go out and give a speech like King. Mr. King is a hero because he cares about others, what he did was for those people who were being discriminated, the blacks. He gave the blacks freedom, because they are aloud to drink from any fountain, or sit anywhere on the bus. Martin did it for those black slaves, who had to work themselves for white people. Martin Luther King Jr. is truly a hero because he basically saved the blacks, and did what was right for everyone.