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Male grooming category review final

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Male grooming - Vietnam market- Category Review

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Male grooming category review final

  1. 1. MALE GROOMING CATEGORY REVIEW Trends • Global • Asia • Vietnam Market & Consumer • branded • unbranded Segmentation • Price • Packaging • Penetration • Retailer Competition Concluding Source: Kanta Worldwide Panel,, Euromonitor
  2. 2. 1. TRENDS - Interest in their personal appearance (52%); 29% of men touch up their looks throughout the day; 39% of men are teenage( 15-17y) - Facial hair becomes the norm. - New product launches are on the up. - Growth in sales is outpacing; driven by sales in skincare, anti-aging products and skin whitening as well as cosmetic surgery. - 80% men concerned about their appearance. - 62% of men disagree that a groomed appearance is 'just a woman thing. - Vietnam is 1 of 6 Asian countries in Men revolution - 80% men concerned about their appearance - 59% of men disagree that a groomed appearance is 'just a woman thing. - Skin care is under- development. Source: Kanta Worldwide Panel,, Euromonitor
  3. 3. Global - Global male grooming is estimated: grow nearly 1,3 billion every year from 2015-2020. Source:
  4. 4. Asia - Male grooming growth outpaces the beauty sector in Asia. - 2013, Asia dominates the market for men’s skin creams & lotions; share of 65% in 3,3 billion of global grooming. - Huge opportunities for brands to enter the market or grow their share in Asia. Source: Kanta Worldwide Panel, Euromonitor
  5. 5. Vietnam - Vietnam, Thailand and Taiwan show the strongest growth. - 5 most items in used: Source: Kanta Worldwide Panel
  6. 6. Vietnam - Most of Vietnamese men have not used skin care yet. Although 80% of men care about their appearance.
  7. 7. 2. MARKET AND CONSUMERS - Most of products are branded. Others
  8. 8. SEGMENTATION Price - Price of male grooming products is more expensive than female’s ones : 10%-20% - “Branded” is important to men. - Prices: Price Brands Luxury High Average
  9. 9. Packaging “Manly packaging” to connect with target consumers.
  10. 10. Penetration - Range of products: basic items Shave Shaver, tonerHair care Range Shampoo, Stylist products 60% Body care Skin care Facial cleaner 15% Make up Clean shower 12% Deodorants 30%
  11. 11. Penetration Target audiences: - Vietnamese men, most of them live in 6 cities. - Age: 15-35 years. - Want to have products only for men. => Their demands are not different too much; there are not products for men over 35 years as other markets.
  12. 12. Retailer - Supermarkets sales grow each year. Most supermarket chains have extended POP for male products. - 45% of customers buy online. Most male lotions are sold on website. - Channels: GT - General store - Provision store - Ma & Pa - Cosmetics shop - Salons MT - Supermarket - Hypermarket - Minimarket - Private store - Online shop Source: Google
  13. 13. On category Hair care Facials Skin and becauty Deodorant Shavings Shower Imported products v.v.. Off category Female products Unisex COMPETITORS Hair care
  14. 14. CONCLUDING Male grooming market in Vietnam: - Potential development for companies - Many competitors in range of basic products: shampoos, clean showers, deodorants. - Now companies are joining the market of skin care, body care: facial cleaner, body spray,… There are not products for specific skin as other segments in Asia. - Vietnamese men concern about their looks but have not had the habit of taking care of their skin and others from top to toe.