Difference Between Optional Products and Accessories in Odoo 14 Community E-commerce Website

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4 de Oct de 2021

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Difference Between Optional Products and Accessories in Odoo 14 Community E-commerce Website

  1. Difference between Optional products and Accessories in Odoo14 Odoo14 Community
  2. INTRODUCTION ❖ Odoo provides the end customer with a range of alternatives when purchasing a product such as providing extra items that are specifically connected to the item, accessories, and optional products in e-commerce. ❖ Optional products ❖ The use of optional products is a business technique for cross-selling products and a key product. ❖ The goal is to give the customers valuable and related items. ❖ For example, if a buyer decides to purchase a vehicle, he has the choice of either ordering an automatic opening trunk and massaging seats or not purchasing such high-quality items and just buying his vehicle.
  3. INTRODUCTION(Cont) ❖ Accessory Product ❖ Those are items that can complement or support the purchase of a product. ❖ A suggested sale is a traditional form of sales that the shop owner has experienced to produce more company profits. ❖ Through this selling procedure, the shop owner presents to the consumer the possibility of potential transactions and also proposes other items that could benefit the customer in large part with respect to his possible requirements. ❖ For example if a user buys a computer, then keyboard is an accessory product.
  4. ❖ First of all, goto Website > Configuration > Settings.
  5. ❖ Enable Optional Products.
  6. ❖ Then goto Website > Products > Products.
  7. ❖ Choose any Product
  8. ❖ Add Optional Products under Sales tab.
  9. ❖ Add Accessory Product for the same under eCommerce tab and SAVE.
  10. ❖ Then Go To Website from eCommerce dashboard.
  11. ❖ Select the Product from Shop menu.
  12. ❖ Click Add to Cart.
  13. ❖ All Optional products are shown here.Add this to Cart and Proceed to Checkout.
  14. ❖ In Cart the added Accessory Products are listed Add this to cart and Process Checkout.
  15. ❖ All products are added to Order line,Then proceed with Payment.
  16. For More Details Check our company website for related blogs and Odoo book. Odoo 14 book Check our YouTube channel for functional and technical videos in Odoo. Difference Between Optional Product and Accessories in Odoo 14 eCommerce Website Community
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