Refunding Invoice in Odoo 14

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29 de Jul de 2021

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Refunding Invoice in Odoo 14

  1. Refund Invoice in Odoo 14
  2. INTRODUCTION ❖ In real time company operations there may be instances where the invoices or product may have to be send back and refunded. ❖ The odoo platform understand the necessities and provides you with the option to refund the invoices. ❖ Moreover the accounting module has a dedicated refund menu available under the vendors tab where you can create and manage the refund operation of the company. ❖ In addition if a refund is generated and posted the odoo will automatically describe it in the respective journal.
  3. ❖ First of all go to Accounting > Vendors > Refunds
  4. ❖ CREATE a new Refund.
  5. ❖ Fill up the form and CONFIRM.
  6. ❖ Then go to Accounting > Purchase
  7. ❖ The corresponding Reverse Bill Entry will be created.
  8. ❖ Then go to Vendors > Refunds , Select the Refund and REGISTER PAYMENT.
  9. ❖ Select Payment Journal and CREATE PAYMENT
  10. ❖ Go to Vendors > Bills to create Refund directly from Bill.
  11. ❖ Choose the Posted Bill.
  12. ❖ Click ADD CREDIT NOTE.
  13. ❖ Give reason and REVERSE entry and CONFIRM.
  15. ❖ Now go to Accounting > Purchase
  16. ❖ The Reverse Entry is created
  17. For More Details Check our company website for related blogs and Odoo book. Odoo 14 book Check our YouTube channel for functional and technical videos in Odoo. Refunding Invoice in Odoo 14 | Odoo 14 Accounting
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