Reordering Rules In Odoo 14

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29 de Jun de 2021

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Reordering Rules In Odoo 14

  1. Reordering Rule in Odoo 14
  2. INTRODUCTION ❖ “The reordering rule can be termed as a group of rules used to ensure a sufficient quantity of product availability in an inventory” ❖ This helps to avoid running out of stock of the product. It also supports the user to avoid excessive purchase or storage of a product. ❖ Reordering rule helps the business to ensure the availability of the minimum quantity of a product
  3.  Go to -> Inventory -> Product, and create a new product.
  4. You can create replenishment from here  Here we can create a product to specify the name and add vendor on purchase tap, Make sure the product is storable. Then click the reordering rule.
  5.  The product on hand quantity is zero.  Here we can set the min quantity, max quantity, multiple quantity and set the trigger is Auto or Manual and save it.
  6.  In this, we have to set the minimum quantity, maximum quantity, and multiple quantities  Minimum Quantity: The minimum quantity of products on your stock.  Maximum Quantity: Maximum quantity of products that you want to purchase maximum quantity of that product.  Here, I am setting the minimum quantity as 10. That means if the product stock goes below this 10 or the minimum quantity set here the reordering rule will be triggered.  Location: it is the inventory location  Preferred route: This can be termed as the route which is used to collect the product.  Here we can find different options like buy, drop-ship, manufacturer, etc.  Trigger: Trigger can either be manual or auto.
  7. 1. Trigger as Manual  Now, save the changes and go to Inventory-->Operations --> Replenishment  Here, we can see all pending orders. While click the ‘order once’ then RFQ will be generate.
  8. ● Go to the purchase module and confirm the RFQ. ● Then check the on hand quantity and forecasted quantity of the product, it will be changed.
  9.  Then make a sale order of that product (give sale order quantity > on hand quantity ) and confirm it. Then click the delivery button and validate it.
  10.  Now go to the product on hand quantity will be changed along with the sale order of that product.  Then again select the reordering rule.
  11.  Then again select the reordering rule, and set the trigger value in to ‘Auto’ and save it.
  12.  Use Run Scheduler option by going to Inventory --> Operations --> Run Scheduler So, let us directly go to the Purchase module. Here we can see that RFQ has been automatically generated.
  13. For More Details Check our company website for related blogs and Odoo book. How to Use the Reordering Rule in Odoo 14? Check our YouTube channel for functional and technical videos in Odoo. Odoo 14 Reordering Rule | Odoo 14 Community
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