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2012 Interactive Marketing Trends

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What are the Top 5 Interactive Marketing trends in 2012? And how can you prepare for them and react to the trends as a marketing professional or business owner?

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2012 Interactive Marketing Trends

  2. 2. THE ONLY CONSTANT IS CHANGE (TRY TELLING THAT TO MY CEO)2012‘s Top 5 Interactive Marketing Trends & How to Respond
  6. 6. BECOME USER-CENTRIC• Whyare they on your site? Or engaging with your brand? What do they want?• How can you make it about them? incentives for story telling and engagement, every• Offer piece of content must be a two way conversation.
  7. 7. #2 AUDIENCE IS KINGThe audience chooses whether or not your content flies or dies
  8. 8. #2 AUDIENCE IS KINGThe audience chooses whether or not your content flies or dies
  9. 9. #2 AUDIENCE IS KINGThe audience chooses whether or not your content flies or dies
  10. 10. GIVE THEM A THRONE• Create content audience wants/needs• Give them all of the tools they need to share• Offer incentives for comments/shares/tweets• Invest in visually driven content - ex: infographics, videos, photography
  11. 11. #3 PAY TO PLAYBrands can’t “fake it” and have to buy their way in.
  12. 12. PLAN ACCORDINGLY• Factorin an advertising budget for individual content campaigns - spend at least 3x as much on advertising as you did on creative and content.• Also, create an ongoing advertising campaigns.• When in doubt, remember - there is no more targeted form of advertising. It will work.
  13. 13. #4 DESIGNING AN EXPERIENCE The new Website automatically fits on all browsers.
  14. 14. PREPARE FOR A RE-DESIGN• Re-design everything with mobile in mind• New sites should adapt/change overnight• Good Websites are re-designed every year• Track user experience all year
  15. 15. #5 SEARCH IS SOCIAL And there’s no going back...
  16. 16. #5 SEARCH IS SOCIAL And there’s no going back...
  17. 17. #5 SEARCH IS SOCIAL And there’s no going back...
  18. 18. INVEST IN SEARCH & SOCIAL• Make investing in long-term SEO a priority• Reset to understand that search is social and vice versa• Every piece of content you create must be optimized
  19. 19. MAKING WAY FOR THE TRENDS What can marketers do to stay on top?
  20. 20. STEP 1. AUDIT ALL WEB PROPERTYTake stock of what’s working and what’s not, don’t be afraid of what you find - see it as opportunity for growth.
  21. 21. AUDIT TOOLS• - social and SEO monitoring• - take a look at your competition•• Google Keyword Tool• - where do you rank for certain terms?• Your own analytics account
  22. 22. STEP 2. IDENTIFY YOUR GOAL (And, stick with it!)
  23. 23. STEP 2. IDENTIFY YOUR GOAL (And, stick with it!)
  24. 24. STEP 2. IDENTIFY YOUR GOAL (And, stick with it!)
  25. 25. STEP 3. COME UP WITH A PLAN You have your audit, you have your goal - now, create!
  26. 26. STRATEGIC ROADMAP• One core message driving goal conversions• Come up with the big idea and little ideas (campaigns) to support the big idea• Identify digital tools that will best carry messages and fix them• Create action guide for everyone within organization• Understand there are no start and end dates
  27. 27. STEP 4. DETERMINE YOUR BUDGET• Use this formula • Identify % of existing site visitors that convert • Determine number of potential visitors • Google keyword tool & social marketing audits or test run ad campaign. • Predicted # of new total visitors * % of converting visitors = new # of leads.• Let potential profits dictate what you spend. Expect to invest at least $2500/month on SEO/Social services.
  28. 28. TYPICAL BUDGET ALLOCATION 5%5% 20%SEO Strategy & ExecutionSocial Strategy & Execution 10%Website UpdatesAd SupportContent Creative & Creation 60%
  29. 29. IT WILL PAY OFF...Have faith in the interwebs and what they can do for your company.
  30. 30. LEARN MORE! Thursday, February 23 3:00 PM - Writing the ultimate Facebook update4:00 PM - Local SEO: Ranking in Google for local businesses 5:00 PM - Mixer & Happy Hour Follow @cementmarketing on Facebook & Twitter