Prototyping your IoT projects with Intel Edison

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Prototyping your IoT projects with Intel Edison.
Telefónica España
Carlos Pardo de Santayana

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Prototyping your IoT projects with Intel Edison

  1. 1. Telefónica España 02.06.2016 Carlos Pardo de Santayana Prototyping your IoT projects with Intel Edison
  2. 2. Value of IoT01
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  4. 4. Movilforum We help your business grow 02
  5. 5. 6
  6. 6. 7 A leading initiative as a Partnership Program +120 For creating the best digital solutions in... Spreading the new technological trends in market... Existing since 2000 + 100 Partners 25 Events in 2015 + 17k Monthly visits Web & Blog + 2 Million Social Media impact/month With the support of the main players in digital market +120 Answering to the new needs of our clients... ...and exporting successes to LATAM. + 113 clients served by Movilforum Partners in 2015 Mobility M2M / IoT Security Big data
  7. 7. 8 We help our Partners in their developments We provide Product areas with best in class solutions to enrich catalogue We catch Telefonica opportunities with special needs And help our Partners in becoming known inside and outside TEF (i.e.: experts in MDM wrapping) (i.e.: TEF IoT platform training) (i.e.: an easy to deploy solution for beacons) (i.e.: special interview in our blog)
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  10. 10. Intel’s IoT Solutions03
  11. 11. More details: Intel Edison Board IO Library (SPI, GPIO, I2C, AIO, UART) HardWareOS Image CloudEdge Analytics ActuatorsSensors Intel Galileo Board Intel® IoT Gateway Middleware Communication Stack (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth® Technology, ZigBee*, etc.) Manageability, Security, RealSense SDK, etc. API Bindings (C/C++, Node.JS*, Python*, Java*) Sensor & Actuator Libraries IDE/Tools IoT Cloud Analytics Prototype Evaluate/ Prototype / Product IDP / Workbench IoT Edge Analytics IBM* BlueMix*, Microsoft* Azure*, Amazon* AWS*, etc. Yocto* Project Linux* OS image • Supports Intel® Edison, Intel® Galileo boards as well as Intel® IoT Gateway • Middleware libraries for IO and sensors / actuators • IDEs and tools to create, run, debug and optimize IoT solutions • C/C++, JavaScript*, Python* and Java* programming language support • Advanced power efficiency/performance optimization tools • Examples with WindRiver* Helix* Cloud • IoT Cloud and Edge Analytics for data collection, visualization and analytics Intel® IoT Developer Kit OS Image (Intel® Edison, Intel® Galileo boards) IoT OS *Other names and brands may be claimed as the property of others. Intel® IoT Commercial Developer Kit Overview
  12. 12. Evaluate Develop Deploy • Easy out of box setup experience • Get started quickly with tools, libraries and samples • Open source software and hardware • Cloud connectors and mobile UX • Easily port to production hardware with minimal changes • Device to device connectivity • Cloud analytics and connectivity • Vertical use case samples/examples • Performance optimization • Scale your hardware and software solution • Device management / manageability • Integration & Security 13 A Fast, Flexible and Scalable Path to IoT Solutions
  13. 13. 5/5/2015 ● Dual-core Intel® Atom CPU 500MHz ● Integrated Wi-Fi*, Bluetooth Low- Energy* ● 32-bit Intel® Quark™ microcontroller at 100 MHz ● 1 GB of RAM, 4 GB of Storage ● 40 multiplexed GPIO interfaces with expansion board options for total project design and flexibility Small, Powerful & Adaptable Hardware Intel® Edison
  14. 14. 15 Micro USB device connector OR (via mechanical switch) dedicated standard size USB host Type-A connector Micro USB device (connected to UART) SD Card connector DC power jack (7V – 15V DC input) 20 digital input/output pins including 4 pins as PWM outputs 6 analog inputs 1 UART (RX/TX) 1 I2C input connector 1 ICSP 6-pin header (SPI) Intel® Edison Arduino* Development Board Compatible with Arduino Uno R3*
  15. 15. & IntelMovilforum
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  18. 18. 19 @Globalrider_80 For the first time will round the world in 80 days alone on a “connected” motorbike so that we can broadcast multimedia content and telemetric information in real time, which will enable our fans to experience live virtually all adventure.
  19. 19. Telefónica España 02.06.2016 Carlos Pardo de Santayana