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  1. 1. TIPS ON SOCIAL MEDIA By Chaleen Botha
  2. 2. Methodology  Not advertising – listening  (social media monitoring)  Customer knowledge, competitive advantage, business influencers  Authentic/real, honest  Sharing, giving of time, information ( a resource/contributor to your community)  Little, consistently Appropriate platform Less is more/quality over quantity in numbers game Engagement Content organic/own
  3. 3. Facebook Google Plus  Profile picture – professional/constant  People do business with you/logo  Groups versus Business Page (Insights)  Find target groups/anything search function  Posts – Photo/image and short text  All photographs – titled to website – backlinks google ranking  Useful tool – magnifying glass  Timing – television, week ends  Targeting of posts  Business page/personal – circles defined  Google+ holds huge part of SEO – Facebook or Twitter (SEO = getting website found)  Active and convincing Google+ important  Google + posts can rank in search results/website not  Higher visibility, community engagement, ability to influence; leader (Sir Richard)
  4. 4. Not only for professionals Linked In Not only for finding a job Trick to get attention of that one important client Job Title – use of keywords/keyword search Join groups, comment, congrats and birthdays/ sharing of information Jobs ? Groups/premium/endorsements Post LinkedIn Company Status updates in the Morning
  5. 5. Negatives ? Biggest concern – exposed Unstoppable/avenue Embrace/apply ASAP - monitored Do not delete, email address and offline Nasty comment, respond with kindness equal amount Loudest complainers/biggest fans
  6. 6. Question Time
  7. 7. Widescreen Test Pattern (16:9) Aspect Ratio Test (Should appear circular) 16x9 4x3