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Personal Brand Exploration- Chance Papas

  1. PERSONAL BRAND EXPLORATION Chance Papas Project & Portfolio I: Week 1 4-05-21
  2. My number one passion in the world is sports, I enjoy football and MMA primarily. My dream would be to talk on a podcast or host a talkshow for a living specifically about football and MMA. I am very capable of working under high stress situations. I’ve been cooking for 6 years at various levels ranging from fast food to country clubs. After giving cooking a try I decided to enroll myself into Full Sail University for Sports Marketing and Media to pursue a dream in the sports industry. IDENTITY
  3. PROFESSION Potential Job Titles: • Marketing Manager • Social Media Specialist • Partnership Activation Assistant Entertainer Archetype: Creating innovative and entertaining marketing and advertisement plans by featuring various trends. Designing projects to peak interest of those who do and don’t watch football and/or MMA by using the most updated trends. Digital Marketing for Professional and Collegiate Football Teams Picture Relevant to Your Industry Goes Here
  4. • DEMOGRAPHICS: Ages 35 to 60, Predominantly Male, White, and Married, College Educated, Located in Pittsburgh, PA. • PSYCHOGRAPHICS:Life long Steeler fans, enjoys watching the games, enjoys to travel due to work, not social active online. • IDEAL AUDIENCE MEMBERS: (Pittsburgh Steelers) Tony Quatrini Director of Marketing, (Pittsburgh Steelers) Rick Giugliano Marketing Coordinator, (Pittsburgh Steelers) Wodarek Entertainment/ Marketing Manager Recruiters & Hiring Managers at NFL, Pittsburgh Steelers, NCAA, and the UFC TARGET AUDIENCE
  5. GOALS Short Term: (Immediately After Graduation, 2022) • Land an Internship/entree-level job within the Pittsburgh Steelers Organization. ‣ Reach out and connect with 10 team members of the Pittsburgh Steelers by December of 2022 Mid Term: (2030) • Gain a promotion that allows me to lead a digital marketing campaign to combat the reduced ticket sales from Covid-19 ‣ Increase Ticket sales by 20% more than sales prior to Covid-19. Long Term: (2045) • Establish a positive reputation in the NFL and begin my career as a Sports Analyst ‣ Have 1,000 connections on LinkedIn, complete several digital marketing campaigns to assist the Steelers in, audience reach, ticket sales, and team perception.
  6. SKILLS ANALYSIS Notable Skills & Current Proficiencies: Notable Skills REQUIRED in TRADE & Current Proficiencies: Adobe Creative Suite. 55% Marketing Research 70% Public Speaking 85% Complex Problem Solving 77% SOFT HARD WordPress CMS 20% Storytelling on Social Media 35% Time Management 50% Public Speaking 85% SOFT HARD
  7. I assist in the road back to normal after Covid-19 by increasing audience reach and ticket/merchandise sales through entertaining and captivating content. PROMISE
  8. CREDENTIALS Work Experience: • 6 years at the Chartiers Country Club- Line Cook- Food service worker Education: • Parkway West CTC- Hospitality and Tourism • Sports Marketing and Media, B.S., Full Sail University (Exp. 2022) Volunteer Work: • Volunteer at Parkway West CTC • Fish Fries at locale church Picture Relevant to Your Industry Goes Here
  9. COMPETITION Alex Popoff Industry Experience: • 0 Years Education: • Fullsail Student • AMMPA • Florida SouthWestern State College • Community College of the Airforce Leadership Experience: • AirForce • Marketing Director for Accugentix • VP for Buds For Vets Skills and Proficiencies: • Product Marketing • Market Research • Brand Design Chance Papas Overall Online Presence: • Over 500 connections, custom banner, custom headshot, active social media but is hard to find, LinkedIn link customized. • Grade: Average 65/100 HEADSHOT Industry Experience: • 0 Years Education: • Parkway CTC • Fullsail Student Leadership Experience: • First-Line Cook • Top Cook at Parkway CTC Skills and Proficiencies: • Great Speaker • Problem-solving skills • Great at working with others Overall Online Presence: • 0 Connections, No LinkedIn customizations or photo. • Grade: Poor 20/100
  10. COMPETITION Chance Papas HEADSHOT Industry Experience: • 0 Years Education: • Parkway CTC • Fullsail Student Leadership Experience: • First-Line Cook • Top Cook at Parkway CTC Skills and Proficiencies: • Great Speaker • Problem-solving skills • Great at working with others Overall Online Presence: • 0 Connections, No LinkedIn customizations or photo. • Grade: Poor 20/100 FIRST LAST NAME Noteworthy Experience: • SVP, Innovation & Business Development for ESPN • SVP, Global Franchise Strategy & Planning for Disney Parks HEADSHOT Industry Experience: • 20+ years Education: • Stanford University Law School Skills and Proficiencies: • Digital Media • Strategic Partnerships • Product Management Overall Online Presence: • 500+, Custom banner and professional headshot.Goes over all areas of expertise, all prior employment and all schooling attended. Linkedin URL is custom. • Grade: Superior 100/100
  11. BRAND POSITION For Steeler fans, I provide a well rounded employee that is ready to learn and preform to the best of my abilities. I am very passionate about sports and want to direct that passion to the Pittsburgh Steelers Organization.
  12. NETWORKING & MARKETING Industry Events & Organizations • Digital Summit Series ‣ 2021 Virtual/ Hosted • True Influence Spring Summit ‣ 04/14/2021 Virtual • Maicon ‣ 09/15-16/2021 Marketing Artificial Intelligence Institution Digital Marketing • Primary Content: Various videos and photos posted to Instagram and Youtube pertaining to football. Podcast format averaging about 20 to 30 minus episodes at least once a week. Would interview and invite players, staff, and analysts occasionally. • Primary Tools: Youtube and Instagram- Advertise episodes by posting clips and photos to Instagram. For videos that are a big deal ,such as guest stars, post a trailer to YouTube to introduce the guest. • Website: Full Sail digital portfolio to sho school projects, blog posts, related videos and content, and my own content to showcase my skills in the marketing field as well as my analysis of football Picture of You Goes Here
  13. PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT Mentor • Seeking former NFL players and executives with at least 10 to 15 years experience with family values and a great professional attitude. Formal Education • Full Sail graduate in Sports Marketing and Media exp. 2022 Technical Skills • Adobe Suite courses on photoshop and premiere Jan 2022 • Wordpress training through LinkedIn learning, Dec 2022 • Market Research strategy training, May 2023 Soft Skills • Public Speaking Strategies through LinkedIn learning Nov. 2021 • Writing principles through LinkedIn learning July. 2021 •
  14. Chance Papas You know as a fan, something I’ve noticed is that it seems less and less people wear jerseys now. The thing is I think I can help you with that, I currently market for players and companies sports merchandise. As a matter of a fact I recently deployed a marketing campaign for a the Country Club I work for that has increased members positive response towards the kitchen staff as well as increased the amount of funding the members provide for the club. Members often ask how we can afford all the new equipment we’ve gotten and I tell them all about my campaign. “
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