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Oracle Forms- key triggers

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Oracle Forms,Form Triggers

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Oracle Forms- key triggers

  1. 1. Oracle Forms-Key Triggers
  2. 2. Objectives • Defining Key Trigger and their Uses • Characteristics of Key Triggers • Types of Key Triggers • Associate Function Keys with Interface Controls
  3. 3. Key Trigger • What is a key trigger? • Example: Using a Key-Exit trigger display an Alert, If user selects Yes. Exit the form. SET_ALERT_PROPERTY(‘exit_alert’, ALERT_MESSAGE_TEXT, ‘Do you really want to leave the form?’); IF SHOW_ALERT(‘exit_alert’) = ALERT_BUTTON1 THEN EXIT_FORM; END IF;
  4. 4. Characteristics of Key Triggers • You cannot redefine all function keys with key triggers. • Key triggers are defined at all three levels. • A key trigger can contain SELECT statements and all built-ins. • Key triggers can fire in Enter Query mode.
  5. 5. Built-ins in Key Triggers Function Key [Accept] [Clear Form] [Create Record] [Delete Record] [Exit Form] Key Trigger Key-Commit Key-Clrfrm Key-Crerec Key-Delrec Key-Exit Built-in COMMIT_FORM CLEAR_FORM CREATE_RECORD DELETE_RECORD EXIT_FORM;
  6. 6. Types of Key Triggers • Function key triggers • Key-Fn triggers and Oracle Terminal • Key-Others triggers • Oracle Terminal Used for mapping keys. • Key mappings are done in following Resource files: – Client/Server FMRUSW.RES – Web mode FMRWEB.RES
  7. 7. Mouse-event key triggers • Key-Next-Item • Key-Prev-Item • Key-Nxtrec • Key-Prvrec • Key-Up • Key-Down • Key-Scrup • Key-Scrdown • Key-Nxtblk • Key-Prvblk
  8. 8. Using Key Triggers • Adjust user interface • Disable a (set of) function keys • Replace or extend functionality of function keys • Add additional function keys • Be careful with Key-Others • Do not use for validation
  9. 9. Specific Uses of Key Triggers • Call an LOV form • Check for detail records before deleting a master record • Prevent duplication of the primary key • Adjust toolbar buttons for Enter Query mode
  10. 10. Associating with other Interface Controls • DO_KEY(’Key-Exit’) gives run-time error • Corresponding interface control descriptions In When-Button-Pressed and Menu item code: DO_KEY(‘EXIT_FORM’);
  11. 11. Summary • Define key triggers in order to – enhance keyboard functionality – replace keyboard key • Provide consistent functionality between Function keys, buttons, menu items, and mouse events • Define Key-Fn, Key-Others, and mouse-event key triggers