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Menswear CH10

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Menswear CH10

  1. 1. Yes it is relevant to you! It is around a $2.4 billion industry and a fast growing market sector.
  2. 2. The Secondary Level: The Producers of Apparel
  3. 3. Chapter 8 Men’s Apparel
  4. 4. Key Concepts • The history of the menswear industry • Categories of men’s apparel • Roles of brand names and designer names in the marketing of menswear • Advertising and promotional activities in the marketing of men’s apparel 4
  5. 5. History of the Men’s Apparel Industry •Birth of Ready-to-Wear •Role of the Industrial Revolution •Mid- to Late 1800s •1920s Daytime and Evening suits 5Stone Chapter 10
  6. 6. History of the Men’s Apparel Industry •Trends in the Twenty-First Century •The historical “power suit” 6
  7. 7. History of the Men’s Apparel Industry •Acceptance of Ready-to-Wear in the Twentieth Century •Casual clothing 7
  8. 8. History of the Men’s Apparel Industry 8
  9. 9. History of the Men’s Apparel Industry 9
  10. 10. Organization and Operation of the Industry • Size and Location of Manufacturers • Dual Distribution • Designing a Line • Market Segments 10Stone Chapter 10
  11. 11. Organization andoperationof theindustry Size and Location of Manufacturers 11 ● Greatest number of menswear manufacturers in mid-Atlantic states ● But this center is moving, the west coast manufacturers are growing
  12. 12. Organizationand Operationofthe INdustry Dual Distribution 12
  13. 13. Organization and Operation of the Industry Designing a line 13 Stone Chapter 10 ● First American designers were Oleg Cassini, John Weitz, Bill Blass, and Ralph Lauren ● The “Big Four”: Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Donna Karen, Tommy Hilfiger
  14. 14. Organization and Operation of the Industry Market Segments 14Stone Chapter 10 Five main segments: 1. Tailored Clothing 2. Sportswear 3. Activewear 4. Contemporary Apparel 5. Bridge Apparel
  15. 15. Merchandising and Marketing • Advertising • Trade Associations 15Stone Chapter 10
  16. 16. ● Producer began advertising in the late 1800s ● To establish contact with retailers ● Long term retail accounts 16 Advertising
  17. 17. Trade association 17Stone Chapter 10 ● Major publicity efforts, under taken by trade association - sponsor markt week, trade show, promotions ● largest number of permanent showrooms located in NYC (largest market center) ● Regional markets; Chicago, Los Angeles, Dallas ● Trade association supports menswear industry
  18. 18. Trade association 18Stone Chapter 10 MAGIC (Men’s Apparel Guild of California) - Every February and August, in Las Vegas
  19. 19. Trade association 19Stone Chapter 10 Big and Tall Association - 2 major buying shows per year in conjunction with the Chicago Collective at the Merchandise Mart in Chicago, Illinois - premier buying organization for Big & Tall menswear since its founding in 1972 - Spearheaded by the visionary Paul Daube and a handful of innovative menswear retailers at a meeting in Philadelphia, PA, the organization became known in our industry as The Daube Group, and was headquartered in the Chicago area. - Paul Daube died unexpectedly in May 2007.
  20. 20. Industry Trends •Specialty Trends in Retailing •Style and Lifestyle Stone Chapter 10
  21. 21. 21 TREND FOR MENS BLAZER ALL-SEASON NAVY WOOL SUIT ● For every occasion from evening out to job interview, ● Choose breathable wool to carry through cold winter night and swampy summer day ● Single breasted, two-button closure * Don’t button the bottom button Ludlow trveler suit jacket $450 by J. CREW
  22. 22. 22 TREND FOR MENS BLAZER SPRING-SUMMER KHAKI COTTON SUIT ● Classic color ● match a slim suit pants and brown leather shoes for office ● Put on patterned short pants and white sneakers for casual weekend Italian cotton Benton suit jacket $698 by Jake Spade
  23. 23. 23 TREND FOR MENS BLAZER DOUBLE-BREASTED SUIT ● more trimmed, more comfortable ● stripped of its padding to hug the shoulder ● formal English look Prince of Wales check suit $788 by Boglioli
  24. 24. 24 TREND FOR MENS BLAZER GREY FLANNEL SUIT ● rebellious, stylish and still versatile ● throw on white shirt and black knit tie for perfect nine-to-five look ● layer on a sweatshirt on weekend ● a symbol of freedom now Lazio light grey plain suit $499 by Suitsupply
  25. 25. 25 TREND FOR MENS BLAZER The TUXEDO ● good investment, can be wears for years ● black is solid bet and blue is novel ● Go for peak lapels or a shawl collar ● Avoid flapped pockets ● Make sure it closes with one button Navy slim-fit wool and mohair- blend shawl-collar tuxedo jacket $1,995 by Kingsman for Mr. Porter
  26. 26. ShoppingAnalysis:Anna EXPRESSMEN 26 ● Target Consumer: Men age range between 18- 25. A large spend for a young man to spend on a blazer. Some college. ● Position in Fashion Cycle: Staple piece in mens wardrobe. ● Mood of Store: Pleasant, not too chaotic, store was neat and easy to navigate. ● Fixtures: Arranged successfully to show range of garments available. Also mix and matching options. ● Lighting: Places strategically on clothing. Highlighting mannequins ● Sales Help: Very helpful and not too intrusive. ● Accessibility: Easy and surrounding clothing had good matching options.
  27. 27. ● Item: Blazer ● Fabric Content: 98% cotton 2% Spandex Lining 100% Polyester ● Designer: ExpressMen ● Country of origin: China ● Retail price: $178 ● Quality: Comfortable and durable. No threads or wear visible. Display impressive and neat. 27 ShoppingAnalysis:Anna EXPRESSMEN
  28. 28. ShoppingAnalysis:jessica ACNE STUDIOS 28 ● Targeted Consumer: Men, age between 25~35, who seek for style and good quality ● Position on Fashion Cycle: at stage between rise and peak ● Mood of Store: much like displaying art piece in gallery. ● Fixtures: highly organized, each garment only place one item on shelf ● Lighting: soft, not too bright ● Sales Help: professional, polite ● Accessibility: customers need to ask for sales person to check on display garment
  29. 29. SHOPPINGANALYSIS:JESSICA ACNE STUDIOS 29 ● Item: Blazer ● Fabric Content: 100% Wool ● Designer: Jonny Johansson ● Country of Origin: Stockholm, Sweden ● Retail Price: $800 ● Quality: Handwoven in the outer Hebrides from Harris Tweed. The hand is soft and smooth.
  30. 30. ShoppingAnalysis:aram ALL SAINTS SPITALFIELDS 30
  31. 31. ShoppingAnalysis:aram ALL SAINTS SPITALFIELDS 31 ● Targeted Consumer: Men, age between 25-40, who seek for modern and edge style ● Position on Fashion Cycle: Rise ● Mood of Store: Whole store feel like factory. Didn’t change much of the original structure. Brick walls and steel frame ● Lighting: Dim, indirect lighting ● Sales Help: Kind but not interrupting ● Accessibility: Not much organized except accessories(bags, wallets). Customer need to go around the whole store to find what they want unless they ask for help
  32. 32. SHOPPINGANALYSIS:aram 32 ● Item: Blazer (Taunton Blazer) ● Fabric Content: 73% Wool, 33% Viscose ● Designer: All saints ● Country of Origin: China ● Retail Price: $415 ● Quality: Cut from a fine blend of wool for a thick and soft feel ● Note: Inspired by workwear attire, detailed with a foldover collar and patch pocket. ALL SAINTS SPITALFIELDS