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Stress Reduction through Relaxation Techniques and its Benefits

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Stress Reduction through Relaxation Techniques and its Benefits

  1. 1.  A psychologist with the ACS Assessment and Treatment Center, Charlene Kushler provides high-quality family therapy services to her clients. Charlene Kushler helps treat a wide range of problems, from adolescent behavioral problems to adult ADD. She also teaches relaxation techniques that help reduce stress. One technique that is often helpful is progressive relaxation. By taking 10 to 20 minutes to focus solely on the repetition of tensing and relaxing various muscles in the body, individuals can learn to release some of their stress and clear their mind.
  2. 2.  A therapist can help individuals learn this technique, as well as others such as cognitive reframing, to lower their stress levels. By practicing relaxation techniques, the individual can experience reduced blood pressure, better concentration, and less tension. It is often recommended that relaxation techniques be used in addition to various other positive methods for coping with stress. These methods often include exercising and reaching out to friends and family as well as maintaining a regular sleep schedule and appropriate diet.