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Recruitment Consultant JD

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Recruitment Consultant JD

  1. 1.             Payments  &  Cards  Network  |  Herengracht  576  |  1017  CJ  Amsterdam   Payments  &  Cards  Network   Herengracht  576  |  1017  CJ  Amsterdam  |  Telephone:  +  |   Job  Description  –  Recruitment  Consultant       About  Us       The   Payments   &   Cards   Network   is   a   recruitment   boutique   providing   the   FinTech,   Payments,  and  eCommerce  industry  with  Executive  Search,  Recruitment,  Networking,   Marketing,  and  Event  Management  services.  Headquartered  in  Amsterdam,  our  office   network   spans   London,   Hong   Kong,   South   Africa   and   (coming   very   soon)   San   Francisco.  Our  Amsterdam  office  houses  a  crack  squad  of  top  notch  recruiters,  and   we’re  currently  searching  for  an  enthusiastic,  fun  and  comprehensively  smart  casual   person  to  join  our  international,  dynamic  salesforce.       We  have  an  ‘open’  policy  in  the  office,  meaning  you  will  not  be  chained  to  your  desk,   or  in  a  pressure  cooker,  but  being  yourself  side-­by-­side  with  the  team  –  which  will  be   just  great  for  you  because  we  are  a  fairly  agreeable  bunch  of  chaps.  Additionally,  we   have  a  pool  table  and  splendid  Herengracht  canal  view.  And,  sometimes,  Lewis’  jack   russell  (Jimmy)  comes  into  the  office  –  he  doesn’t  bill  though,  just  chills  out  and  eats   biscuits.         About  the  Job     We  are  looking  for  360°  recruiters,  whose  tasks  will  include:       -­   Identify  client  targets,  using  our  market  knowledge  and  your  own  nous     -­   Research  client  targets  and  extract  company  data  &  details     -­   Cold  call,  warm  call,  and  hot  call  your  client  prospects     -­   Business  develop  with  your  clients,  convincing  them  to  make  you  their   recruitment  business  partner     -­   Negotiate  terms  &  conditions  of  service     -­   Proactively  receive  job  orders     -­   Source,  screen,  develop  and  introduce  candidates   -­   Interview  candidates  on  behalf  of,  and  alongside,  your  clients   -­   Proactively   recommend   rationalizations   of   your   client’s   recruitment   processes,  upselling  and  embedding  yourself  in  their  hiring  strategy     -­   Place   advertisements,   work   social   media,   and   collaborate   with   our   marketing   team   to   increase   your   exposure   to   candidate   pools,   and  
  2. 2.             Payments  &  Cards  Network  |  Herengracht  576  |  1017  CJ  Amsterdam   Payments  &  Cards  Network   Herengracht  576  |  1017  CJ  Amsterdam  |  Telephone:  +  |   enhance  brand  awareness     -­   Follow-­up  with,  meet,  and  present  to,  clients  and  partners   -­   Schedule  interviews,  meetings,  conference  invites,  etc.  for  candidates   and  clients     -­   Close  some  deals!     Your  experience;     -­   0  –  3  years’  recruitment  experience  (applicants  with  0  –  3  years  of  other,   non-­recruitment,  sales  experience  will  also  be  considered)   -­   Innovative,  dynamic,  fresh  ideas  personality     -­   Proficient  in  English  (extra  languages  are  a  big  plus  –  we  are  keen  to   grow  Country  Managers)   -­   Resilience.  Immunity  to  frustration  and  disappointment.  The  harder  it  gets,   the  more  you  want  it.     -­   Winner’s  attitude   -­   Brilliant  communication  skills,  verbal  and  written   -­   Already  living  in,  or  near,  Amsterdam  will  be  a  benefit.  Or  showing  real   willingness  to  move  to  Amsterdam  if  necessary.     -­   A   spine   of   steel   combined   with   gentlemanly,   and/or   ladylike,   qualities   (mandatory)   -­   Clean  shoes  (not  mandatory)       What’s  in  for  you?       -­   You’ll  be  working  alongside  an  awesome  international  team,  with  a  culture   of  positivity,  respect,  success,  ownership  and  most  important  of  all,  fun!   -­   Offering   a   range   of   incentives,   including;;   Quarterly   team   trips   to   plush   destinations,  lunch  clubs,  your  own  Mac  book  and  more.   -­   Located  in  the  heart  of  Amsterdam,  between  the  Rembrandtplein  and  the   Amstel   -­   A  structured  career  path,  encouraging  you  to  move  from  Senior  Recruiter,   to  Sales  Team  Manager  and  Country  or  Sector  Manager.   -­   Investment  in  a  dedicated,  tailored  training  program.     -­   A  competitive  basic  salary  with  a  lucrative  commission  scheme  –  the  more   you  bill,  the  more  you  keep,  and  this  will  never  be  meddled  with.    
  3. 3.             Payments  &  Cards  Network  |  Herengracht  576  |  1017  CJ  Amsterdam   Payments  &  Cards  Network   Herengracht  576  |  1017  CJ  Amsterdam  |  Telephone:  +  |   The  Payments  &  Cards  Network  was  the  first  recruitment  consultancy  dedicated  to  the   payments  space  (founded  in  2008).  We  believe  in  quality,  decency,  and  providing  a   precise,  market  beating  service  to  a  select  clientele.     Interested?   We   would   love   to   hear   from   you!   Shoot   us   your   CV   now:     For   more   information   on   the   company,   please   feel   free   to   browse   our   website: