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Chat Operator Extraordinaire – Roles & Responsibilities

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An overview of the traits a great chat operator should have.

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Chat Operator Extraordinaire – Roles & Responsibilities

  1. 1. Chat Operator Extraordinaire – Roles & Responsibilities
  2. 2. http://www. A quick search online for live chat solutions reveals a myriad of available options.
  3. 3. They all possess and share sets of great, useful features to help you reach your goals.
  4. 4. How well they perform greatly depends on each and every chat operator delegated to work the mouse and keyboard.
  5. 5. What personal traits, then, should a chat operator display?
  6. 6. A live chat operator is an important cog in your organization. He often serves as the first point of contact for multiple existing and potential clients.
  7. 7. As a business owner, you may be looking to add chat operators to your team to provide customer support or manage your growing online community.
  8. 8. What duties and responsibilities rest on a chat operator's shoulders? ONLINE ASSISTANCE AGENT NAME CUSTOMER
  9. 9. Chat operator has to… build and manage the image of the company by: •providing answers to questions and managing complaints •identifying customer needs and pain points •holding proactive conversations •utilizing chat features effectively to achieve the desired goal
  10. 10. Chat operator has to… work on building long-term relations with customers by: •asking the right questions to help the customer reach final decision •putting some personal touch to help create WOMM and convert the customer into a returning one
  11. 11. Chat operator has to… be good with words, meaning: •being concise, yet informative •adjusting the tone of voice •explaining any necessary silences in advance
  12. 12. Chat operator has to… manage complaints well by: •not taking things personally •recognizing and following company policies •working towards some kind of a solution
  13. 13. A chat operator must keep the brand’s image in mind while engaging people, and he also has to work towards building long- term relations with existing customers seeking help.
  14. 14. On top of that, the agent must have a good command of the language to communicate efficiently and be resistant to complaints, while providing actionable solutions.
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