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Tone of Voice in Customer Service

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Learn the importance of the tone of voice in customer service. Improve your communication skills and get familiar with a great alternative to telephone.

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Tone of Voice in Customer Service

  1. 1. TONE of VOICE in Customer Service: How to Avoid Sounding Like a Jerk
  2. 2. Have you ever tried calling a customer service line only to be greeted with a dull ‘Hello, you’ve reached Acme, how can I help you?’
  3. 3. I bet those instances didn’t make you feel very appreciated as a customer.
  4. 4. The thing is that the process of communication, business environment being no exception, contains certain intangibles.
  5. 5. It’s not only about what you say, but also how you choose to say it.
  6. 6. 7% 38%55% of the the actual words being said of the tone of voice being used of the body language being displayed According to Albert Mehrabian communication consists:
  7. 7. The tone of voice is a way to express the feeling you attach to a statement, a method of conveying attitude.
  8. 8. A person’s voice stays the same most of the times, their tone changes, depending on the feeling underpinning the message being communicated.
  9. 9. How do you determine the right tone of voice in customer service, then?
  10. 10. Formal vs. casual In order to be able to decide which way to go, you need to know who’s on the other end of the communication channel. A sensible thing to do is to reflect the conversation partner’s tone of voice.
  11. 11. Positive vs. negative You’ve probably read on many occasions that positive thinking is key to success. The same goes for reading positive words, which if done frequently, can develop more of an overall positive attitude.
  12. 12. Context-specific Context is very important when it comes to using the right tone of voice. Not all circumstances will allow for being casual, just as not every person will be fine with it, especially in business environment. It’s good to be able to reflect the customer’s way of speaking or writing.
  13. 13. Words are interpreted by the left hemisphere of the brain and tone by the right one, which is also responsible for processing music. LEFT HELLOBONJOUR NAMASTE BUON GIORNO PAIVAASAWATDI NAMASTE SHALOMSAWATDI MARHABA RIGHT
  14. 14. This means that the recipient of a message interprets words and melody, conveying mood, gender, etc., separately.
  15. 15. What’s wrong with telephone customer service?
  16. 16. Some days agents will not be at their best. They may have a cold, something might have gotten them upset on their way to work, it’s an early Sunday morning in the middle of winter and they have to hit the office – you get the idea.
  17. 17. Saying the right thing isn’t enough, you need to be able to convey appropriate emotion through tone.
  18. 18. We’re all human, sometimes emotions get the best of us and it gets reflected in our tone of voice.
  19. 19. There’s a solution, however, that not only deals with the issue of not always sounding professional, but also creates new ways to communicate.
  20. 20. Tone of voice and body language in online environment
  21. 21. The solution to customer service agents using improper tone of voice, sometimes largely beyond their control, thus creating negative customer experience is live chat.
  22. 22. Some of its advantages when it comes to communication quality include:
  23. 23. It’s largely informal in nature, allowing for casual tone of voice desired by the majority of online clients.
  24. 24. It solves all of the voice-related problems, which make agents sound unprofessional.
  25. 25. It provides an opportunity to use body language online, something you can’t do over telephone, in the form of sophisticated emojis.
  26. 26. It creates a buffer, which is especially useful with angry customers, whose inadequate handling by agents using inappropriate tone of voice may quickly worsen the situation.
  27. 27. It’s also a tool that may be appreciated more if your customers are mostly younger people, open to new technologies, allowing them to save time and multitask online.
  28. 28. Every communication channel has its nuances. There’s no single, right tone of voice, whether you’re speaking or typing/reading.
  29. 29. Any customer service department can benefit from having live chat installed, as it creates a new dimension for communication, solving certain problems related to telephone-based service and creating otherwise unavailable opportunities.
  30. 30. Live chat lets agents focus on solving problems and not having to worry about how they sound.
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