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History timeline tercero

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History timeline tercero

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  3. 3. UNIT 5. HISTORY. WHAT IS HISTORY? The study of past events, particularly in human affairs.
  4. 4. UNIT 5. HISTORY. Counting the time. We talk about the past in years and centuries. ●1845 AD- belongs to the 19th (AD) century. ●23 BC- belongs to the 1st century (BC)
  6. 6. UNIT 5. HISTORY. Prehistory. ●The oldest period is called Prehistory. ●It started 5 million years ago when first humans appeared and ended with the invention of writing. ●They lived in caves, they hunted and fished. ● They discovered the fire and invented the wheel.
  7. 7. UNIT 5. HISTORY. To learnmoreabout Prehistory, clickhere. catalogue/catalogue.aspx? cat=1&loc=uk&area=H&subcat=HP
  8. 8. UNIT 5. HISTORY. ● ANCIENT WORLD. ● IT started when people invented writing about 3500BC and ended in 476Ad with the fall of the Roman Empire.
  9. 9. UNIT 5. HISTORY. ● ANCIENT WORLD. ● Greeks. ● They made democracy, beautiful buildings and sculptures. ● They believed in many gods and bought and sold (trade). ● They invented the coins and the Olympic Games.
  10. 10. UNIT 5. HISTORY. ● ANCIENT WORLD. ● Romans. ● They made an Empire around the Mediterranean sea, they called Spain “Hispania” ● They built many roads and cities and spoke a language called “Latin”. ● Both (Roman and Greeks ) believed in many gods.
  11. 11. UNIT 5. HISTORY. To learnmoreabout the Ancient Worldclickhere. catalogue/catalogue.aspx? cat=1&loc=uk&area=H&subcat= HE&id=12785&topic=16826
  12. 12. UNIT 5. HISTORY. Middle Ages. • It started in 476 AD and ended in 1492. • In Spain in 711 Ad, Muslims conquered the Iberian Peninsula except the North, they called it Al-Andalus. In the North there were small Christian kingdoms. •They built mosques like in Cordoba and palaces like the Alhambra. •Society was divided into kings, nobles, priests and monks and peasants.
  13. 13. UNIT 5. HISTORY. Middle Ages.
  14. 14. UNIT 5. HISTORY. To learnmoreabout the Middle Ages clickhere. /quicklinks/eng/ catalogue/catalogue.aspx? cat=1&loc=uk&s=1
  15. 15. UNIT 5. HISTORY. TheEarly Modernage. ••It started in 1492 when Columbus discovered America. •The printing press was invented. The compass was invented and explorers made better maps to travel around the globe. •Shakespeare wrote plays such as Romeo and Juliet. Cervantes wrote Don Quijote, most famous Spanish novel ever. •It ended in 1789 with the French Revolution.
  16. 16. UNIT 5. HISTORY. To learnmoreabout the Early ModernAge clickhere. /catalogue/catalogue.aspx?cat=1&loc=uk&ar ea=H&subcat=HF
  17. 17. UNIT 5. HISTORY. TheContemporary or Modernage. ••It started in 1789. There were many changes and inventions called “The Industrial Revolution”. •Steam trains were invented, society was divided into rich and poor people. •They use machines to make a lot of products . •During the 20th century cars, planes and buses were invented and entertainment (cinema, TV, internet )changed people´s lifestyle.
  18. 18. UNIT 5. HISTORY. To learnmoreabout the Contemporary Age clickhere. talogue/catalogue.aspx?cat=1&loc=uk&area= H&subcat=HI