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My Gopeng Resort

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My Gopeng Resort is a nature resort situated in Ulu Geruntom, 7 KM from Gopeng Town.

It is founded by Ooi Beng Yeaw, Lim Kee Siang, a group of experienced trainers, teachers, guides, & nature lovers in May 2007.

We have massive experiences in outdoor learning, adventure activities, expeditions, and team building programs and able to provide you with lifelong adventure experience!

My Gopeng Resort is famous with its activities mainly, whitewater rafting along the Sungai Kampar, and the trekking to Rafflesia flowers site, Mountain camping, biking, trekking, hiking (with Orang Asli guide to Cameron Highlands), fishing, mountain biking,river bathing, picnic, outdoor games, recreation, and more.

For lodging and facilities, we provide close to nautre comfortable stay and adequate facilities such as halls, praying room, cafeteria, and bathrooms everywhere.

For food and dining, we provide fresh and delicious food to our guests.

We are strictly a halal resort. Therefore, animals and outside food is not allowed, but you can tell us your needs and we are glad to provide you the best service as we can.

We are also a registered training provider under Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Berhad with TTT Certification.

Even we are a considerably young company; we are a very progressive company. Throughout the years of our service, we have earned many awards, certifications, and returned customers.

Challenge yourself; contact us today to find a programme that’s right for you!

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My Gopeng Resort

  1. 1. ADVENTUROUS TEAM BUILDING where action creates results Effective Marketing Kit 3.0A training ground of: CHEOW CHIN HOU +6016-565 2743
  2. 2. • Adventure, Team building & training company• Innovative thinking since 2007• Formed by a group of experienced trainers, teachers, guides, & nature lovers• Massive experiences in outdoor activities, conference organization, employee motivation, and team building.• Registered training provider under Kementerian Pembangunan Sumber Manusia with TTT Certification
  3. 3. What We Do: Our Key Training Areas Indoor & Outdoor Adventure Outbound Team Building Team Building Team BuildingLeadership & Confidence Employee Motivation Team Development Training
  4. 4. 1. Innovative program design, leaving a life-long experience.2. Actual actions and repetitions, rather than through traditional instruction3. Focus, taking participants away from their comfort zone4. Learn, eat, rest, & play as a team5. improve performance by studying own actions and experience
  5. 5. Action Fun & Enjoyable Involvement 7 VALUES of Team CommunicationPerseverance Building Motivating Self-Awareness
  6. 6. WHITEWATER RAFTING@ Sungai KamparPhysical Level: Intermediate Age: 5 years and aboveDifficulty Level: Grade 3 Time Frame: 90min~120minConfidence Level: High Rafting Distance: 10km~12kmRapids: 14
  7. 7. WATERFALL ABSEILING Physical Level: Intermediate Age: 12 years & above Difficulty Level: Intermediate Time Frame : 90min~120min Confidence Level: High Waterfall Height : 30ft approx. Location: Kg. Ulu Geruntom, Gopeng
  8. 8. CAVING@ Gua Tempurung / Gua Kandu
  11. 11. This is a life long experience, you can do it! Please ask the presenter to show you a video…