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Personal Brand

  1. Personal Brand Exploration By Pierre Nelson Jr
  2. Identity What makes me unique is that if I’m giving something to do I’m going to make sure that I get it done even if comes with challenges. So if I fail I’m going to continue to try to get the job done and that means even if I got to put my problems aside. Also I make sure everyone that I’m close with is good before I am. For example me and my friends lost a friend in the group so before I got to grief I made sure they was okay because I been through so much deaths and I know how low they can bring you. But I would like to be able to market indvisual players.
  3. Profession For my profession I want to be in the sports industry but in the football fi eld of it. To be honest I’m still trying to fi gure out what job in the industry of football that I want to do it. I don’t have that much information yet of what I want to do for my future career.
  4. Target Audience My target audience would be males ages 17-28 clients. My plan to further this career I would start off by going to sports games and taking pictures of player. When I take pictures of the players I would then post them on my social media plat forms with them tagged in it and a good caption that will help them with their newest sailing product. The reason I say 17 is because now highschool kids are allowed to get paid through NIL deals so with them getting that they are stars on the rise that I could help get more noticed.
  5. Career Goals • Start off with marketing athletes in the same state • Expand to marketing more athletes and teams across the world • Becoming good with my marketing skills to be the fi rst name that pops up when people search up sports markers • Have my own blog when my name gets searched
  6. Skills Analysis Soft Skills •Being able to handle disagreements •Being able to work idependely Hard Skills • Marketing • Adjustment
  7. Promise • The road is going to be bumpy but we are going to get through it. • The value I would give is loyalty, honesty and trustworthy • The promise to the future employer, customers, or clients is we stick together the job will get done • Solve all the problems I’m in control of
  8. Credentials Strong written and verbal skills Ready to lead and train Serious about long term career Competitive individuals
  9. Competiton Both competitive Hardworking Love sports Similar goals
  10. Competion • Love different sports • Played and didn’t play • Use of social media • Outcome
  11. Brand Position • Hello, I’m Pierre the way you will bene fi t from interacting with me is from being uplifted and giving information that you can take in but also give out to other people. We all have are downs I’m a person that will always listen to and help you get though your problems before mines for example in my life I been through times where people I know didn’t have it but either did I but I will give what I have before I used it for myself.
  12. Networking & Marketing • Cricket World Cup (Oct-Nov 2023) India • Rugby World Cup (Sept 8 - Oct 28) France • NBA Finals (June) Goes off of the teams that make it
  13. Professional Development The transferrable skills that I will pursue is knowing how to communicate better and networking all together. I feel like to further my career to improve I need to learn the basic of marketing, communication, being able to take criticism and take it in, able to ask questions.
  14. Elevator Pitch • You know how most company make you pay for your camera? Well what I do is provide you with your camera. By doing that it will save you hundreds to thousands of dollars for a good camera and lens.
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