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Jan Hommen - BPAVC Reconition.pdf

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Jan Hommen - BPAVC Reconition.pdf

  1. 1. PHILIPS PHILIPS Royal Philips Electronics Mr Chris Y.H. Lui General Manager Beijing Philips Audio-Video Corporation Bei Wa Lu, Western Outskirts P.O. Box 8121 Beijing 10081 People's Republic of China Executive Vice-President & Chief Financial Officer Ref: JH/99.068/lk Date: 1999-03-25 Dear Chris, Thank you for the opportunity that I had to meet you and see your operation in Beijing. The focus that you and your team members have on the market place and the bottom Hne demonstrates for the rest of us what the business is truly about. Wishing you great success in the future. Kind regards. W E C Gold Medal Award for Corporate international Environmen Achievement, 1998. Koninl<lijl<e Philips Electronics N.V. BuildingHRT PC. Box 77900 1070 MX Amsterdam The Netherlands Tel:+3 I 20 59 77 142 Fax:+3 I 20 59 77 140 Trade Register No. 17001910