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Job board checklist

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What you need to start and launch a job board, courtesy of

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Job board checklist

  1. 1. Starting a job board today can be done in a matter of days through hosted job                                board solution providers. This document is a checklist for everything you’ll need                        for launch.    Job Board Software  Each of the providers are my two recommended solutions for a hosted software  vendor that won’t break your bank. Monthly costs range from $200-$400 per month  ●  ● SmartJobBoard  Things You’ll Need to Plug-in  ● for ecommerce (cost free)  ● Google Analytics + Search Console accounts (free)  ● Mailchimp for email collection (free for first 2,000 subscribers)  ● ZipRecruiter affiliate account​ (for backfill) (free)  ● Logo ($)  ● Social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Instagram  Internet Marketing Skills 
  2. 2. The only cost to start on online job site is just the cost of the job board software  vendor. Of course you will need to advertise the site to help build traffic. That also  includes content marketing. Both vendors offer the ability to have a blog and create  pages on your site so you have the ability to leverage content marketing skills for  traffic.   Google for Jobs will help to drive some free traffic but you will need to submit your  sitemap to the Google Search Console. ​Learn more​.  What to Expect  The first year of your job board is the most critical for success. Focus on building an  audience and less about revenue. Aim to have 7,000-10,000 monthly visitors to your  site as a general rule by the end of year 1. Revenue will greatly depend on your niche  and marketing efforts.  Need help? Try My Concierge Service  For the price of $1,500 (USD) Chris Russell from ​Job Board Secrets will get your job                                board live in about 1 week. ​Click here for full details​.    To get started email ​​ or call 203-572-2053.