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Goal Achieve Cycle

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Some simple steps to achieve your goals, New Year's Resolutions or inspire others to achieve theirs

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Goal Achieve Cycle

  1. 1. The GoalThe Goal Setting-AchievingSetting-Achieving CycleCycle
  2. 2. The Cycle Assess Starting Point Destination Check & Adjust Course Achieve Goal ID & Apply Lessons Learned
  3. 3. Assessment ● Ask and answer... – What do I want to achieve? – How will I recognize success? – How long do I have to complete goal? – Who is available to assist along the way? – What are my strengths and weaknesses? – What threats and opportunities are present?
  4. 4. LocationLocation ● Determine where you areDetermine where you are
  5. 5. Location ● Identify where you want to goIdentify where you want to go
  6. 6. The Plan ● The plan becomes your mapThe plan becomes your map
  7. 7. The Plan ● Use your compass with your map
  8. 8. The Plan ● Focus more on direction less on routeFocus more on direction less on route
  9. 9. Check Up ● When you focus on direction, sometimes you end upWhen you focus on direction, sometimes you end up on a side roadon a side road Not always a bad thingNot always a bad thing
  10. 10. Adjust CourseAdjust Course ● Periodically check progress & adjust your route toPeriodically check progress & adjust your route to ensure you are on the best path (not always theensure you are on the best path (not always the shortest or fastest).shortest or fastest).
  11. 11. Laern from Mestakes & Applie Lessins
  12. 12. AchieveAchieve ● An old proverb is that every journey begins with theAn old proverb is that every journey begins with the first step.first step. ● Another is that every ending is a new beginning. ● Do not be surprised when you arrive at your destination, you find new roads to travel
  13. 13. Assess & Establish New Goal(s) ● When you mapped out your course, you probably noticed more than one route to your destination. ● Which one of those roads leads to your next destination? ● Apply what your learned on your new trip.
  14. 14. Conclusion ● Assess ● Start ● Destination ● Check Course ● Apply Lessons ● Arrive and Assess ● Step-off Again
  15. 15. Photo Credits ● Most photos by author ● Exceptions – Slide 6 Steven Jurvetson – Slide 7 Cal Sidyrose – Slide 8 Alan Stark – Slide 9 Colin Bowern – Slide 12 Michael McCullough ● All photos CreativeCommons License: Attribution- Sharealike, or less restrictive from
  16. 16. For More Information ● Check out my blog, Leadership andTraining, on WordPress: ● Contact me at – I offer customized training for staff – In person or on-line options ● Follow me onTwitter: @ChrisSaintCyr