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  2. Overall Situation There is a current gap between our consumers Dom Pérignon wants to diminish the gap by reaching to a younger generation of affluent consumers We hope to attract and reach a new market through our Social Media Holiday Campaign Background ● 1668 ● 1921→ 1936 ● Vintages are released 15-16 years after harvest ● 41 Dom Pérignon white vintages ● 24 Dom Pérignon rosé vintages ● Moet and Chandon’s prestige label (LVMH) Current state of the marketplace 306 Champagne houses Top 5 export markets (2015) 1. United Kingdom 2. United States of America 3. Germany 4. Japan 5. Belgium Total bottles sold: 312,531,444 72% -champagne houses 28% - winegrowers & co-ops Dom Pérignon’s Current Capital: €433,193,798
  3. Objectives We plan to host a New Year’s celebration featuring a signature Dom Pérignon bottle • Host a New Year’s party in NYC • The event will be invite only for loyal customers and a lucky few guests: North America customers have the opportunity to find “Platinum Corks” in our champagne bottles leading up to the event This event has four main goals: 1. Increase brand awareness We are striving for a 35% increase 2. Brand Prestige: Increase luxury experience of brand with an extravagant soiree 3. Increase sales: We are striving for 8-12% growth 4. Expand customers base & further engage our loyal customers: Bring in 200-400 new customers (entice them through the platinum cork campaign) and increase sales with loyal customers as they purchase our new holiday bottle
  4. Data • In average, 40% of the sales = end of the year celebrations • 77% of event marketers use social media es a key engagement strategy before an event. Our goal is to improve this data with advertsing during the event. People will connect with a person rather than a logo, so much powerful • Location: New York. Why ? • Targeted people: HENRY : growing 11% between 2014 and 2015
  5. Opportunities We will create a social media campaign for our “Platinum Cork” focusing on Snapchat and Instagram • Loyal customer base made primarily of baby boomers and generation X consumers • Our campaign is seeking to encourage and incentivize late generation X and early generation Y consumers to enter the Dom Pérignon market • By focusing on those aged 28-44, we will target the current gap by engaging young professionals with leisure time and high affluence Revenue will come in three separate phases: 1. Before the holiday party with consumers purchasing champagne bottles in hopes of finding the platinum cork 2. During the New Years Party as we showcase and sell our signature bottle 3. After the event as the signature bottle continues to sell and brand awareness from the social media campaign leads to additional customers
  6. Late 20’s to mid 40’s: Millenials & Generation OUR TARGET MARKET Cultivated: Art Food Travel Wine & Champagnes Urban Highly educated: graduated from Ivy League & boarding schools Professional with high earnings & rich network SOCIAL MEDIA USERS & LOVERS Influence power: Members of socialite clubs, lot of social media followers
  7. Approach to Reach Target Consumer NYE party to create a unique experience surrounded by friends Gain new consumers while catering to current consumers and increase brand awareness • Personal Invitations • Pre-orders, orders during NYE party, and future orders • Social Media ads- Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat • Commercial Ad for our “DomPe Eve” event • Lookbook • Recreating long term campaign strategy: • change location every year • sponsored luxury location: real estate agency
  8. Breakdown of the Numbers
  9. Tactics To retain customers and build a strong brand image, if this first party is a success, we will do similar parties every year in different locations. To grow sales, we will launch a signature bottle, which will be available first during the party, and then in stores. To increase our brand awareness, an advertising campaign through social media and regular means will be launched. This advertising campaign will do the promotion of both the event and the high-quality champagne. To enhance our brand prestige and reputation, the party will take place in a luxury penthouse in New-York and will benefit from the party services (chief traiteur, singers and DJs, modern and aesthetic design and decoration…) To reach new customers, we will allow random customers to participate to the party. The people allowed to join the party will be customers who would have found our “Platinum corks” in regular Dom Pérignon bottles. To reward our most loyal customers, we will organize an exclusive party for the New Eve. The customers invited will be the 1000 most loyal customers and will be selected after a deep, rigorous and impartial customer base research. Moreover, some gifts will be offered to the guests, such as a “lookbook” of all the trends to be expected from Dom Pérignon for the next year.
  10. Marketing strategies Calendar
  11. The LookBook
  12. Signature Bottle
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  17. Costs What are the costs of your program? Venue(includes staff and security): $75,000 Engagement(2%) 13,705 Additional costs(platinum,deliverables): $125,000 Inventory costs: $171,473.90 Total Party Investment: $371,473.90 Revenue: $1,119,503.00 What's the payback model Profit = Revenue-Cost Dom Pérignon Rose sales-415.99 per bottle Profit= $748,029.10 500 bottles sold (in store): $207,995 107 bottles sold(NYE party): $44,510.93 ROI: 3 to 1 Dom Pérignon Exclusive New Release sales-$2,999.99 per bottle 310(including booth sales): $929,996.90
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