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Let’s have a fun school year

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Discussion Question 1 wk 6

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Let’s have a fun school year

  1. 1. WELCOME 7TH Grade Math Ms. Wilburn Room 100
  2. 2. Education Philosophy You will learn something Everyday if you Pay attention
  3. 3. Who am I?  I am compassionate  I wonder about the future  I love music  I want you to be successful  I am a mother
  4. 4. I Am  I touch lives  I understand children  I am caring  I am a nice person  I am Christina Wilburn, your 7th grade Math teacher
  5. 5. Grading Scale
  6. 6. Classroom Expectation 1.Respect yourself, the teacher & others  Show respect for the teach, yourself and others at all times.  Respect the school and others property 2. Put fourth your best effort at all times  Always do your own work.  Put learning ahead of getting good grades  Put quality ahead of getting it done 3. Come prepare to class  Have all necessary material 4. Follow directions when given  Do you best to follow direction the first time.  If you are confused ask questions. 5. Pay attention, participate, and ask questions  Engage in what is going on.  Raise hand to ask questions. 6. Preserve a positive learning environment  Your actions interfere with teaching or learning 7. Take responsibility for your actions.
  7. 7. Classroom Rules  No electronic devices. (cell phone, tablets, etc.)  No food or drinks (Except Water)  Arrive to class on time  Class is dismiss on my call not the bell  No cheating  Use polite language  Do your best
  8. 8. Consequences 1. Verbal warning 2. Call home 3. Detention 4. Referral to assistant principal
  9. 9. Daily Routine  Warm-Up: This is always posted on the either the SMARTBoard or the chalkboard. Students are expected to come into class and start the warm-up right away.  Assignment Check: Completed assignments are stamped and receive 2 pts. Answers to the assignment are always posted on the SMARTBoard. Students are responsible for checking there own work and asking questions if they do not understand a problem.  Lesson, Activity, Problem Solving, or Assessment: Students are responsible for taking notes and for participating in class discussions and activities. Material presented in class will be covered on assignments and assessed through quizzes and tests.  Assignment: Every effort is will be made to give students some time to begin homework in class.  Open the floor for any question about the lesson
  10. 10. Supplies  3” Ring Binder  Dividers  Scientific Calculator  Pencil  Ruler
  11. 11. Formulas
  12. 12. You can do all things  If you give a child a  You give them the
  13. 13. Let’s Have a Fun School Year