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Time management

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This Conference for Arizona Student Leaders (CASL) presentation provides an overview on the concepts of Time Management. The presentation highlights the importance of time management in academic pursuits, and gives useful tips on integrating technology into daily scheduling and tracking activities

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Time management

  1. 1. Time Management
  2. 2. ASA: CASL Contents Introduction What is Time Management? Managing Academics? Technology is your friend Q & A
  3. 3. ASA: CASL Who IS this guy? Christopher McLaughlin  Full-time NAU Graduate Student • ASA Director for NAU GSG  Full-time NAU Employee • Information Technology Services – Business Analyst for PeopleSoft Campus Community Module  Full-time Husband & Father Contact Info 
  4. 4. ASA: CASL What is Time Management? Time Management  It is an essential set of skills that helps you complete various tasks in an organized and efficient manner.  A skill used throughout school, life and the business world  A stress mitigation technique
  5. 5. ASA: CASL Connections Time Life Work School
  6. 6. ASA: CASL Quiz Time! Please take 5-10 minutes to complete the quiz
  7. 7. ASA: CASL Results 1 Your as cold as ice While you may have some time management skills, it is likely that you should take the opportunity to increase your skill set 2 Lets get it started in here You have many of the skills necessary to manage your time effectively, but further improvement is still possible 3 Lookout Your on fire! Kudos to you and your time management. Remember that there is always more opportunity to grow.
  8. 8. ASA: CASL Key Skills Goal Setting  Questions 6, 10, 14 and 15 Prioritization  Questions 1, 4, 8, 9, 13, 14, and 15 Managing Interruptions  Questions 5, 9, 11, and 12 Procrastination  Questions 2, 10, and 12 Scheduling  Questions 3, 7, and 12
  9. 9. ASA: CASL Goal Setting GOOOOOOAAAAAALLLLLs!  These can range from short to long term  Give you something to work towards  Not just for children and perfectionists
  10. 10. ASA: CASL Prioritization The chicken or the egg?  Essential to achieving goals and completing tasks on time.  Crucial in order to organize goals and tasks  Setting the level of importance of a task/goal
  11. 11. ASA: CASL Managing Interruptions Can you help me?  A harsh welcome to life  Mitigating the number of possible interruptions  Getting back on task easily
  12. 12. ASA: CASL Procrastination A guilty pleasure  In the end the only one you are cheating is yourself  Too often is procrastination used to create free time to play  Figuring out the reason why you procrastinate will help you to get out of the habit  Accountability buddies
  13. 13. ASA: CASL Scheduling Party at 8 pm, CHECK!  A combination of Prioritization and Goal setting  Fudge factor  Technological resources
  14. 14. ASA: CASL Managing Academics? Awww, Do I have to study?  Assignments do not finish themselves  Time = Money  Stress kills  Poor grades can affect future endeavors
  15. 15. ASA: CASL Technology is your friend Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto  21st Century  Cheaper by the dozen  Phones, Tablets, PC, Mac, Notebook, Netbook, etc.  Apps v. Applications
  16. 16. ASA: CASL The Difference Time Management
  17. 17. ASA: CASL Useful Apps/Applications iPhone Android PC Mac • Evernote • iStudiez • Remember the Milk • Google App • CARM • Evernote • Astrid • CoursePro • DroidScan • Gdocs • Klok • Klok • Launchy • Manic Time • SlimTimer • Rescue Time • Project Hamster • Quicksilver • SlimTimer • RescueTime
  18. 18. ASA: CASL Questions and Answers
  19. 19.