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Optimal Capital's 2010 Outlook

  1. Investment Insights Capital Markets Outlook 1st Quarter 2010 It’s NOT the Economy Stupid
  2. Stocks bottomed when things looked worst… Now things look better?
  3. The farther they fall, the more they bounce… indiscriminate panic then risk taking
  4. This ain’t no 1982…. The opposite?
  5. It may be quite some time before the next secular Bull market.
  6. Fits with the long term 17 year cycles
  7. Why should individuals invest differently?
  8. Can’t find many people who think stocks go down this year, much less challenge the lows
  9. While technicals are not our first clue, the target from a break of this formation is retracement of the ENTIRE rally
  10. Déjà vu?
  11. “Baby Boomers” are very afraid of taking another hit
  12. Equity funds are out of powder unless inflows pick up
  13. Bonds have record outperformance for 3 decades, and where do individuals shovel their money ?
  14. Buffet says the decision is easy to invest in equities over bonds… Hard assets even better?
  15. High yield … No more
  16. Return forecasts are half of what they were 9-12 months ago
  17. Like Gretzky, Jeremy Grantham is the great one when it comes to skating to where markets are going
  18. This is Michael Jordan good
  19. Are signs of improvement in the economy what they appear?
  20. Lots of assets yet to be written down by banks
  21. Lots of supply to work off before development comes back
  22. Looks like we will start adding jobs
  23. Not enough focus on jobs and small business
  24. No lending equals No inflation…. Yet
  25. Excessive debt stokes need for deflationary deleveraging
  26. Countries in “The Ring of Fire” are most vulnerable
  27. I guess some lessons are harder than others to learn
  28. Handouts equal almost 1/5th of Personal Income ???
  29. Why is government intervention bad?
  30. The US Dollar is universally despised with only 3% of investors bullish. If the $ rallies risk assets of all types likely fall.
  31. USD Carry Trade Unwinding?
  32. Hard to find someone who hates King Midas
  33. Focus growth or risk investments in the developing world
  34. All the pieces are in place for the ascension of the BRIC’s
  35. Go where the growth is. Asian consumer story has many chapters ahead
  36. Is the emperor wearing clothes? Chanos thinks not
  37. What if China and India consume 6-8 barrels per year of oil per capita?
  38. It looks like we will run out
  39. Current Tactical Weightings by Tranche Equity like (highly correlated to equity market direction) – UNDERWEIGHT Non-equity correlated – OVERWEIGHT Real Assets (adjust to inflation/deflation) – UNDERWEIGHT favoring deflation Safety, liquidity, and income assets - OVERWEIGHT
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