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Ringling bros

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Made by a fourth grader

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Ringling bros

  1. 1. By BreAnna
  2. 2. FAMILY AND CHILDHOOD The Ringling Family lived in McGregor, Iowa during the 1800’s. They were a poor family. The father made horse harnesses for a living. By 1869 their were 7 boys in the family.
  3. 3. CHILDHOOD  The family had a harness shop, but it had a hard time competing with the large factories that made harnesses with machines.  The Ringling boys had to work in the harness shop by the age of 10.
  4. 4.  The Ringling brothers first attended a circus called “Dan Rice’s Famous River Circus.”  After seeing the circus, the Ringling boys decided to make their own penny circus.  Some things in their circus included; a gigantic bull frog, a chicken, an English sparrow, and a yellow canary.
  5. 5. YOUNG ADULTHOOD  In the 1880’s the Ringling brothers travelled with their circus around Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota, and South Dakota.  They had ‘Hall Shows,” which are performances held in town halls. They did not have their own tent until 1884.
  6. 6. ADULT • The Ringling brothers had very successful shows. • Animals such as deer, camels, zebus, and horses were part of the acts. • The circus hosted clown families, jugglers, and many aerialists.
  7. 7.  Today, the Feld family owns the huge circus, and it still runs in Baraboo, Wisconsin. It is called, “Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey; The Greatest Show on Earth.”