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The New Kid on the Block is Back: Why Earned Media is Back in the Driver’s Seat

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Marketers must adapt to the changing consumer – when, where and how they consume content – or they will be left behind. Earned media is essential to your communications program success!

Join Cision’s Senior Vice President of Marketing, Ken Wincko and Sodexo’s Vice President of Public Relations, Steve Cox as they discuss how you can utilize earned media to enhance your marketing and communications programs and drive organizational growth.

Ken and Steve will show you how to:

- Uncover key trends and emerging topics to create an effective
content strategy
- Enhance your results by applying the power of earned media,
integrated with paid and owned
- Improve the measurability of your programs and deliver true
business ROI

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The New Kid on the Block is Back: Why Earned Media is Back in the Driver’s Seat

  1. 1. @Cision @SodexoUSA #CisionWebinar The New Kid on the Block is Back: Why Earned Media is Back in the Driver’s Seat
  2. 2. Ken Wincko Cision’s SVP, Marketing @KenWincko Steve Cox Sodexo’s VP, Public Relations @SodexoUSA
  3. 3. @Cision @SodexoUSA #CisionWebinar Today’s Participation • During today’s webinar, attendees will be in listen-only mode. • If you are experiencing audio issues, please use the chat box to contact the webinar host. • Submit text questions in the chat box: Q&A will be addressed at the end of today’s webinar.
  4. 4. @Cision @SodexoUSA #CisionWebinar What’s Old is New Again
  5. 5. @Cision @SodexoUSA #CisionWebinar Earned Media has Re-Emerged as a Potent Force
  6. 6. @Cision @SodexoUSA #CisionWebinar To what extent do you trust the following information sources? 78% Recommendations from friends and family. 65% Academics, analysts, and other experts. 61% Companies I use. 32% Celebrities. 31% Companies I don’t use. Source: 2016 Edelman Trust Barometer
  7. 7. @Cision @SodexoUSA #CisionWebinar Who Are Increasingly Resistant to Advertising of consumers say advertising has little to no influence on them when making purchase decisions 88% Source: 2016 Outsell Earned Media Study
  8. 8. @Cision @SodexoUSA #CisionWebinar Source: 2016 Outsell Earned Media Study Causing Marketers to Rethink Their Strategy of senior marketers believe earned media is more effective than paid media 81%
  9. 9. @Cision @SodexoUSA #CisionWebinar Marketers Continue to Prioritize Earned Media Efforts
  10. 10. @Cision @SodexoUSA #CisionWebinar And Leverage the Power of Earned Media % of Firms Using Earned Media Tactics Source: 2016 Outsell Earned Media Study
  13. 13. @Cision @SodexoUSA #CisionWebinar Sodexo positive Brand Sentiment quadrupled in 180 days
  14. 14. @Cision @SodexoUSA #CisionWebinar S-3 Performance: Most Viewed Releases/Public - 180 Days
  15. 15. @Cision @SodexoUSA #CisionWebinar S-3 Performance: Most Viewed Releases/Media - 180 Days
  16. 16. @Cision @SodexoUSA #CisionWebinar S-3 Performance: Most Viewed Releases/Media - 180 Days
  17. 17. @Cision @SodexoUSA #CisionWebinar Overall Digital Performance Metrics - 90 Day Comparison
  18. 18. @Cision @SodexoUSA #CisionWebinar Overall Digital Performance Metrics - 90 Day Comparison ● Digital Share of Voice levels are up 17% in the 2nd 90 days. ● Overall traffic levels are up 14% from pre- S3 levels. ● 2nd 90 days show a 41% share of voice - 10 points higher than Competitor #2
  19. 19. @Cision @SodexoUSA #CisionWebinar 58% increase in overall mentions of the Sodexo brand on third-party news/media sites!
  20. 20. @Cision @SodexoUSA #CisionWebinar Overall Digital Performance Metrics - 180 Days
  21. 21. @Cision @SodexoUSA #CisionWebinar Goals Support brand transformation, client retention and sales/new business development via a Sodexo-owned media publishing process (that will): Produce and distribute content 4x per week X 50 weeks Focus release topics on our business storyline Facilitate more third-party media engagement with the Sodexo brand Driving digital traffic into the Sodexo digital ecosystem Increasing Sodexo brand/business search engine rankings Delivering greater engagement via Sodexo enterprise social media properties Enhancing Sodexo brand/business topical associations and search-ability Outcomes Improve competitive positioning via Sodexo brand association in digital ecosystems by: Supporting the B2B sales digital due diligence processCreating collateral material for sales, marketing and client communications activities Goals & Outcomes
  22. 22. @Cision @SodexoUSA #CisionWebinar We Create Cohesive & Contextual Interactions PAID Banner Ads 3P Events 3P Events Paid Search EARNED PR Pickup Social Shares Blog Posts Speaking OWNED Website Mobile App Blog PRN Events DYNAMIC CONTENT Content Offer A Content Offer B Content Offer C Buyer A Buyer B
  23. 23. @Cision @SodexoUSA #CisionWebinar Which Significantly Enhances Performance Source: PR Newswire Study 2015 – Case Study Distribution 1 Week vs 2 Week Content Promotion MultiChannel vs Single Channel Content Promotion 5x Downloads 40% Conversions 4x Downloads
  24. 24. @Cision @SodexoUSA #CisionWebinar Using Earned Media to Amplify the Impact Source: PR Newswire Study 2015 – Case Study Promotion vis Wire + + + 2.5x Downloads
  25. 25. @Cision @SodexoUSA #CisionWebinar And Drive Significant Growth for the Business +166% lift in qualified leads yoy Drove an incremental 2%+ to the topline Shortened the sales cycle by over 1/3
  26. 26. @Cision @SodexoUSA #CisionWebinar A Content Distribution Case Study PLANNING & EXECUTION RESULTS • Goal: Demonstrate Direct ROI from Press Release syndication • 3-4 Releases Distributed/Week promoting content & offers • Use a Mix of Channels based on content & audience •ROI directly tied to press release traffic was 27% within one year in addition to media pickup •Releases produced first page search results on key unbranded terms previously untapped •Press releases delivered 260% more traffic to website than all other paid channels
  27. 27. @Cision @SodexoUSA #CisionWebinar Keys to Success Master the Mix Utilize Expert Insights Coordinate Channels @Cision @SodexoUSA #CisionWebinar
  28. 28. @Cision @SodexoUSA #CisionWebinar Please enter your questions for the speaker in the chat box of your webinar console or tweet them to #CisionWebinar. Questions & Answers
  29. 29. @Cision @SodexoUSA #CisionWebinar Thank you for Attending! About Cision: Cision is a leading media communication technology and analytics company that enables marketers and communicators to effectively manage their earned media programs to drive business impact. As the creator of the Cision Communication Cloud™, Cision has combined cutting-edge data, analytics, technology and services into a unified communication ecosystem that helps brands build meaningful & enduring relationships with influencers and buyers. 100,000+ CLIENTS OFFICES IN: Chicago (HQ), Canada, U.K., France, Germany, Portugal, Sweden, Finland and China