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Collaborate out loud live 27.07.17

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The slides from our first live webinar of collaborate out loud

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Collaborate out loud live 27.07.17

  1. 1. LIVE……..
  2. 2. Hey! Great to have you with us this morning!
  3. 3. Meet our Co-Founders “I work with people, systems, and places to help them to explore, shape and connect future collaborative public services”. “I help people explore how they can be the best they can be and work together brilliantly” “I motivate & coach individuals & influence organisations using a strength based approach to change, to achieve successful outcomes in the things that matter most to people, organisations and communities. ”
  4. 4. What do you want from the next hour?
  5. 5. Our story so far…. From a northern quarter coffeehouse to a very different kind of community interest company
  6. 6. The 7 Roles of Effective Communities How we will ensure we add value to public services Agenda activists: driving the learning forward What challenges and opportunities are worth pursuing together? Community keepers: weaving the social fabric How do we encourage and hear all the voices in our community? Critical friends: reflecting on the process How can we pay attention to how we work together and continually give ourselves feedback? Social reporters: creating a shared memory How should our insights, stories, and community outputs be captured and recorded? External messengers: communicating with external audiences Who (outside the community) do we need to be talking to and what should we be telling them? Value detectives: making value-creation visible What value should we be aiming to create and how will we know when we have got it? Organizational brokers: connecting with organizational stakeholders How does the community fit into the wider public service context and contribute to that agenda? How we ensure we add value We do this by modelling what we share with others and paying attention to these questions Etienne Wenger’s roles of effective communities
  7. 7. Collaborate Out Loud’s Community Manifesto Collaborate Out Loud communities are a democratic community of innovative and generous public service collaborators who work out loud to hack challenges, hatch new thinking, experiment with implementation and prototype and spread impactful new ideas that will enable the changing public services landscape to get further faster and embracing the power of new ideas, collaboration and democracy How we work • In an open and free way where anyone could follow the journey • Where everything that was developed was open source and free to be used by anyone • Where the group were true collaborators • In a way that successes and failures where equally welcome opportunities to learn • Where the process of collaborating in this new and free way could be observed, tested and understood • By embracing the WorldBlu principles for freedom based and democratic organisations What we do • Serve public services at all levels and places • Works on the challenges that public services are facing without the constraints of being within the system • Crowdsource the challenges to work on to serve public services in a different and freer space • Actively encourages challenge, new thinking and learning from when things don’t work out as expected • Brings together the unusual suspects, thinking and approaches and allows the magic to unfold
  8. 8. Hear Becci one of the founder members reflections
  9. 9. Who are Collaborate Out Loud CIC?
  10. 10. Collaborate Out Loud CIC creates surprising, simple and social spaces for public service innovation and flourishing.
  11. 11. We exist to serve those delivering, participating and accessing public services to: • Challenge thinking, practice and leadership • Connect the unusual suspects across different boundaries • Create capacity and capability for change • Co-curate our collective wisdom and nurture communities to thrive • Co-create novel solutions that break all the rules and make a difference Collaborate Out Loud’s Values: • Surprising – we do the unexpected. This might be bring in practice and thinking from unusual places or helping people to connect across unusual boundaries. • Social – we work out loud, share, work with others and connect with existing agendas and ideas. We lead with generosity, openness and trust • Simple – we know the world is complicated enough so we are easy to work with, straightforward and keep things as simple as we can, believing that less can be more
  12. 12. 1. Harness the energy of difference 2. Create spaces between the formal structures 3. Embrace the principles of transparency, democracy and openness 4. Learn to be social, share with generosity and kindness 5. Choose a challenge to work on collaboratively 6. Borrow learning and thinking from anywhere and everywhere to learn collectively 7. Work on a real public service challenge to create novel solutions and ideas 8. Rapidly test and iterate together 9. Work out loud as you go 10. Spread the best ideas (as well as the learning from the failures) Keep learning and sharing……. How to Collaborate out loud
  13. 13. Collaborating Out Loud circles (crowd wisdom) Approaches, tools and thinking from anywhere and everywhere Organisations, systems and places (public, social, commercial & citizens) Big, bold and innovative new ideas for the future of public services A coaching approach A range of innovation and improvement tools Social and digital platforms for change
  14. 14. Questions???
  15. 15. Emerging communities
  16. 16. How we can help Set up a new community
  17. 17. Get in touch We have a number of ways you can connect Twitter @CollabOutLoud #CollabOutLoud