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ClearedJobs.Net Job Seeker Dashboard

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Enhanced features and functionality for job seekers available with the new mobile friendly ClearedJobs.Net site. Review these step-by-step tips on how the new site can enhance your job search.

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ClearedJobs.Net Job Seeker Dashboard

  1. 1. Managing your ClearedJobs.Net Job Seeker account is simple and fast.
  2. 2. When you log in to your Job Seeker account, My Dashboard is your home page, with all the information on your profile, resumes, job agents and more at your fingertips.
  3. 3. Return quickly from any page by clicking My Dashboard in the menu bar. Recruiters view your Career Preferences before deciding to view your resume. Be sure to complete them fully, including Key Skills.
  4. 4. Jobs by Company helps you research companies and view their open positions. It’s a great option for checking out your target employers and learning about new employers.
  5. 5. There is a new Military Service field to complete. The first time you log in you’ll see a message asking you to add information to fully complete your profile. Check your Key Skills and provide the number of years’ experience you have for each Key Skill you list.
  6. 6. Change your Profile Visibility by selecting Active, Private or Anonymous. For explanations of each, click on the question mark. Blocked Employers blocks specific employers, such as your current employer, from viewing your resume and profile.
  7. 7. Upload multiple resumes with visibility set by each resume. For example if you have a resume targeted to Program Design and another targeted to Logistics, both resumes may be active and searchable by recruiters. Name your resumes with the job type or profession it is targeted toward. That helps recruiters distinguish which resume is most applicable if you have multiple resumes, plus it’s easier for you to identify. JOB SEEKER DASHBOARD: Resumes
  8. 8. Job Agents are Saved Searches that send you an email when new jobs that match your search criteria are posted to ClearedJobs.Net. Job Agents are easy to create from job search results, and you have the option of receiving your Job Agent notifications daily, weekly or monthly. JOB SEEKER DASHBOARD: Job Agents
  9. 9. Saved Searches are searches that you save for easy future access. JOB SEEKER DASHBOARD: Cover Letters & Saved Searches Upload an unlimited number of Cover Letters.
  10. 10. Job Applications keeps track of the positions you’ve applied for. ClearedJobs.Net will not allow you to apply for the same job twice. Saved Jobs allows you to save jobs of interest for future review. Jobs that are no longer active will automatically be deleted from your Saved Jobs queue. JOB SEEKER DASHBOARD: Saved Jobs & Job Applications
  11. 11. Upcoming Job Fairs lets you quickly manage your job fair registrations and find information about future events. JOB SEEKER DASHBOARD: Job Fairs
  12. 12. Who Viewed My Resume tells you if any recruiters have viewed your resume. Click on get more statistics for more detailed info. JOB SEEKER DASHBOARD: Job Seeker Statistics
  13. 13. Jobs You May Like recommends jobs based on your Key Skills. Job Search Videos displays recent job search videos. News + Advice highlights our most recent blog posts. JOB SEEKER DASHBOARD: Career Resources
  14. 14. Please contact our Customer Service team with questions and for more assistance. Good luck!