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LinkedIn Skills and Endorsements

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One of the new features on LinkedIn is Endorsing a connections' Skills. Here is how to edit your Skills on your Profile.

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LinkedIn Skills and Endorsements

  1. 1. LinkedIn Skills & Endorsements
  2. 2. These are my Skills?The Skills feature on LinkedIn has beenin beta for sometime but has now beenrolled out to all of the LinkedIn Profiles.If you haven’t taken the time (or knewyou needed to) to select your Skills forpeople to Endorse, some Skills mayhave been pulled from the keywords onyour LinkedIn profile.You might want to take a few momentsto add the Skills to your Profile that youwould like to have….As well as delete the ones you don’twant on your Profile like Job Scanning.To find Skills & Expertise, go to yourToolbar on your Home page on yourLinkedIn ProfileClick on More.
  3. 3. Skills & ExpertiseThe Skills & Expertise section ismeant to allow you to search andconnect with other professionalswith similar Skills & Expertise.You will need to type in a specificskill set in the Search box. Theterm “skill” is a loosely appliedterm as it can range from a skill, anindustry, topic, or area ofexpertise.A list of similar or exact Skills willpop up.You can add up to 50 Skills to yourProfile.
  4. 4. Searching for Skills & Expertiseto Put on Your ProfileOn the Skills & Expertise page youwill see the Skill that you selected, itsdefinition and the assigned RelativeGrowth to that Skill based on theLinkedIn community.The definition of the Skill is asdescribed by LinkedIn.You will see if this Skill is on yourProfile, Related Skills, OtherProfessionals and RelatedCompanies that have the Skills ontheir Profile.You have to either add the Skill toYour Profile or See Suggested Skills togo to the Find or Edit screen to deleteSkills.
  5. 5. Find and Edit SkillsYou will want to make sure that your listof Skills is pertinent to your professionand career as your connections will beasked to endorsed you on a randomselection of your Skills.Unfortunately many are randomly clickingEndorse on their connections’ Skills. Thusyou may be “blindly” endorsed for a Skillthat is very far from your core Skill setsuch as cooking or telecommunications.Click on Find and Edit . Now you candelete any Skill that you don’t want onyour Profile.There will be a list of Suggested skills &expertise for your profile which is a start.It is recommended to go back to thehome page of Skills & Expertise to searchfor other key Skills for your profile.
  6. 6. Endorsements RankingOnce you start receiving Endorsements, theywill be listed on your Profile in order of thenumber of Endorsements you receive.You can see who Endorsed you for a Skill. If youdon’t want that Endorsement to show up onyour Profile, you can HideBy clicking the number in the left or the arrowon the right you can pull up the entire list ofconnections who have endorsed you.Someone can endorse you for a skill that youdon’t have but you have to approve it before itshows up on your profile according to LinkedIn.You can chose to add the skill or not.You can Hide an endorsement from someonebut once you Hide this endorsement you cannotunhide it.And once you Endorse someone for a Skill, theywill get notified of this through email. Tip: Don’tstalk with Endorsements.
  7. 7. Where is this allgoing?
  8. 8. RecommendationsEndorsements don’t replaceRecommendations .According to LinkedIn,“A recommendation is a commentwritten by a LinkedIn member toendorse a colleague, businesspartner, student, or service provider.People interested in hiring or doingbusiness with someone oftenconsider recommendations in makingtheir decisions.”Recommendations are still the bestway to show that there is someonein your network who has providedexemplary service, or is an expert intheir field.
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