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National Military Spouse Employment Summit

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Presentation at the National Military Spouse Employment Summit to a great gathering of military spouses already doing a very hard job while they promote themselves in their careers.

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National Military Spouse Employment Summit

  1. Leveraging theInternet and SocialMedia for Your JobSearch Kathleen Smith ClearedJobs.Net National Military Spouse Employment Summit
  2. My typical audience
  3. But you are already avery social mediasavvy community!What could I possiblyshare with you?
  4. Maybe just a newway of looking atthings
  5. Ways to leverage socialmedia and your use of theinternet… Promoting yourself for a new job. Advertising your business. Finding a full time, part time or contract job. Researching volunteer opportunities.
  6. Being “available” for yourdifferent communities …..Are you available in the waysthat your customer wants toreach you?It’s great that you are part ofXYZ community but if theperson who is looking for youis in ABC community, how willyou connect?Email address – not a time toadvertise your interests.Cell phone – not the time toshare insights into your world.Be a connector, not a stalker.
  7. Doing the SWOT on the Brand of You….Strengths……Skills, abilities, clearance, SMEWork styleNetworkWeaknesses…..Do you need more .edu or certs?Holes in your network?Opportunities…Learning new skillsAbility to moveThreats……Does your brand need an overhaul?Limited skill set?
  8. Career sites for researchfinding open positions
  9. Your “relationship” with a Career Site…..Searching for positionsto see what is out there.Registering for the siteby setting up a profile.Registering a la carteservices such asnewsletters or job fairs.
  10. Career SitesCareer Sites can be as genericas Monster or as niche asClearedJobs.NetCareer Sites’ revenue comesfrom advertising job postings,resume database licenses andother services that are chargedto employers – not Job SeekersStart wide with your search tounderstand who is hiring, wherethey are hiring and what kind ofpositions match your skill setFinding the job descriptions withthe “keywords” to put in yourresume
  11. Why set up anaccount on aCareer Site?Apply for jobs on the siterather than uploading yourresume from your desktopAbility to manage your jobapplications and positionsearchesYou can develop “JobAgents” which search jobpostings for you “24/7”You can see how oftenyour resume is viewed byrecruiters – why is thisimportant?Remember to refresh yourresume every 30 days
  12. Job boards all have the samebasic functionality: setting up aprofile, researching jobpostings, applying for jobs andstatistics.Some job postings will take youto another site for applying forthe job so that this can be linkedto an ATS.
  13. Where else should I register? Your “Favorite”Company WebsiteSet up a profile on a company career site as this is first place acompany recruiter will lookOFCCP – (Hint : it’s not a rap song)Other key information such as benefits and reviewing the overallcorporate culture
  14. Becoming an onlineContractorYou are a “contractor” not anemployee, paid by project not by thehour.Most contractors have their ownbusiness – graphic designer, writer,computer programmer.Set up your own portfolio and yourown site such sites will ask you to take teststo see your qualifications.(Competitive and filled with scams)www.freelanced.comwww. Guru.comwww.elance.comwww.ODesk.comHelpful videos on YouTube suchas “Are You Bidding On TheWrong Elance, Vworker, andOdesk Projects?”
  15. What is the topway to find ajob? Networking
  16. Social Media Used forRecruitingSocial recruiting has been aroundforever, it just moved online in thelast 10 years.But, not everyone is using it.The challenge is knowing who isand who isn’t, which you won’tknow.It is one aspect of marketing “You”:Are you using social media for“social” or career development?Remember that your customersmight be on different communicationchannels.What do your profiles say aboutyou?Do you have the settings updated?Are you sharing too much or thewrong thing?
  17. Employers will use social media toscreen potential hires.Source: Recruiting Toolbox 2011 Survey of 300 employers
  18. microbloggingand job searching ontwitter
  19. Ways to Use Twitter to support your career search and developmentIn your profile “bio” include yourskills and information recruitersto searchFollow companies that you areinterested in and/or their jobposting feedFollow and connect withindividual and companyrecruiters (their Twitter handleswill be on their LinkedIn profiles)Subject Matter Expert’s (SME)in the industry or communityyou want to workSetting up a search string“military spouse jobs”
  20. Connecting with employer communitiesSearch string for “militaryspouse jobs” to find positionsand accounts to follow
  21. social communicationfor added reach andnetworking
  22. You never know who mightbe able to help your jobsearch.
  23. Ways to Use Facebook tosupport your careersearch and developmentActive user of Facebook?Be sure to set up the lists of peopleyou share information with betweenyour close BFFs and the generalpublic;Fill out your profile similar to yourresume if you are in an activesearchNot on Facebook?Set up a minimum profile to be ableto communicate and be found“Like” companies, organizations,government agenciesBe part of key trade associationgroups in the industry
  24. professional networkingand job searching onlinkedin
  25. LinkedIn -- ThreeDegrees ofSeparation
  26. Ways to Use LinkedIn to support your career search and developmentCreating your Profileproperly which means: Picture & Summary List accomplishments Blog, twitter, website Update at least monthly, more so if in an active searchStatus Updates – 2-3 times aweekYour Network – 500+
  27. LinkedInThe “business” socialnetworking communityUsed by recruiters tosearch and connect withcandidatesThe social communitymost geared toward jobsearch – it is a job board
  28. Setting Up YourProfileStep by step instructionsthat walk you throughsetting up your ProfileYou can also import yourresume to help set up yourProfileThe system will prompt youto fill out as much aspossible for your Profile tobe complete
  29. LinkedIn will help you build your network.
  30. Building YourNetworkLinkedIn will recommendpeople for you to connectwith that are within onedegree of separation toyouOnly connect with peopleyou know, or share aGroup withStandard templateinvitation should becustomizedAlways thank someonefor a connectionYou will get flagged if youtry to connect with peopleyou do not know
  31. Find company info andmake connections
  32. LinkedIn Groups
  33. Military LinkedIn GroupsIn searching the GroupsDirectory there are 18 groupsfor military spouses and 23military employers but this isjust the beginning.Job postings and connectingwith recruiters and otherbusiness owners will be part ofpromoting yourself.
  34. Entrepreneurial and can dospiritList all volunteer work onresumes and profilesNote station assignments onresume to explain gaps inresume and list that you are amilitary spouseFamiliarity with militaryjargon, culture and can workon base
  35. "You can make more friends in two months by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you.“ Dale Carnegie, How to WinFriends and Influence People
  36. Thankyou!