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October 1, 2015 Cleared Job Fair Marketing Report

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For each Cleared Job Fair, we bring together our best marketing efforts to support our Employer partners.

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October 1, 2015 Cleared Job Fair Marketing Report

  1. 1. Marketing Report
  2. 2. Thanks for joining us! Enclosed are some of the marketing benefits you received from yesterday’s event.
  3. 3. Advertising Company names were featured in online advertising reaching nearly 600,000, and in communications sent to an opt- in database of over 130,000 cleared professionals.
  4. 4. Our social media communities are focused on the security cleared industry. We post on Twitter and Facebook updates about your company. All employers are also featured in a music video and in posts on LinkedIn and Google+. Social Media
  5. 5. Your company had a full page in the Cleared Job Fair Job Seeker Handbook listing your company description and your positions. This is the only security cleared job seeker handbook available at any security cleared hiring event. Printed copies are provided to all participating job seekers and posted online. Job Seeker Handbook
  6. 6. Only at Cleared Job Fairs do cleared job seekers vote for the recruiting teams to determine the Best Recruiters for the event. These recruiting teams are announced over social media after the event, at the end of the year at the Best Recruiter Celebration, and on the Best Recruiter Wall of Fame. For this Cleared Job Fair, the Best Recruiters were CENTECH, General Dynamics – IT and Leidos. Best Recruiter Program
  7. 7. Thanks! We hope you will join us at the November 18 poly only Cleared Job Fair in Dulles, VA.