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Refresh Your ClearedJobs.Net Job Seeker Profile, Win $250

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When did you last log in to your ClearedJobs.Net job seeker account?

Log in between August 13 and September 10, and you will be entered to win one of two $250 gift cards ClearedJobs.Net will be giving away.
New Job Seekers Can Enter Too

Not yet a ClearedJobs.Net job seeker? That’s OK too. As long as you have an active or current security clearance, create a job seeker profile, and upload your resume, you’re entered to win.

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Refresh Your ClearedJobs.Net Job Seeker Profile, Win $250

  1. 1. Refresh Your JobSeeker ProfileSweepstakesLog in to yourClearedJobs.Net job seekeraccount between August 13and September 10, and youwill be entered to win one oftwo $250 gift cards we’ll begiving away.Not a ClearedJobs.Net jobseeker? That’s OK too. As longas you have an active orcurrent security clearance,create a job seeker profile,and upload your resume,you’re entered to win!
  2. 2. Why it’s important to login and refresh youraccountDid you know when employerssearch a resume database theytypically only search for jobseekers who have been “active”in the last 30 days?Recruiters don’t want to wadethrough resumes from job seekerswho are no longer in the jobmarket. And employers assumeyou are no longer looking for ajob if your account has not beenaccessed in the last 30 days.Logging in also puts you at thetop of the recruiters searchresults. Thats because searchresults are presented to recruiterschronologically. The more oftenyou log in, the more likely you’reat the top of the pile.
  3. 3. Go to www.ClearedJobs.Net and enter your Member Login and Password. Ifyou don’t remember them, contact CustomerService@ClearedJobs.Net or703-871-0037, Option 4. Login
  4. 4. After you login you’ll see My Account Dashboard. While you’re here, reviewyour Profile, Saved Searches, Job Agents, etc. to make sure they are up-to-date. If you need to update your resume, check out The Most ImportantImprovement to Your Resume.
  5. 5. Curious wherethe LastUpdatedinformationappears?The date of yourmost recent loginis reflected underthe information foryour DefaultResume.If you click on Thisis your DefaultResume, youll seethe Last Updateddate inparentheses.
  6. 6. We’ve got a new feature –Willing to RelocateIf youre a job seeker who iswilling to relocate, make sureyou check this new box onthe Career Preferences page.To get there, log in to your jobseeker account. From MyAccount Dashboard click onView your Profile.Select the Career Preferencestab.Youll see the check box forWilling to Relocate at thebottom of the CareerPreferences page.
  7. 7. Remember to log in to update yourClearedJobs.Net job seeker account at least once amonth so employers know you’re still an active jobseeker! The fine print: The Refresh Your Job Seeker Profile Sweepstakes runs from August 13 through September 10, 2012. Winners are selected from candidates who log in to their ClearedJobs.Net job seeker account or create a new job seeker account during the contest period. All candidates must have an active or current security clearance.