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Your New Career Adventure

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Your New Career Adventure

  1. 1. Tools and Strategies for Your New Adventures Kathleen Smith ClearedJobs.Net
  2. 2. What are we doing today? Finer points of your Job Search Strategy Online tools and strategies research, refine and connect for your next adventure New Technically Connected You
  3. 3. Don’t assume that this will be an easy process because you are a senior executive, have a higher level clearance, and great contacts. 80% of transitioning professionals change jobs in the first year………You might find a job quickly, but is it the right match?
  4. 4. Foundation of Your Job Search Strategy Point #1: Companies and their recruiters use different tools and methods for finding candidates. Point #2: There is no definitive map to find “the” recruiter hiring for a particular position. Point #3: Your comfort level for each of the social networking tools.
  5. 5. Understanding that this is not just your job search strategy… Up until now you have had a career map… Using these tools to formulate your career development strategy.
  6. 6. Basic Tools Content: Summary information, keywords and different lengths of biographies Images: Professional images that are small enough in pixel size to be uploaded to profiles. Awareness: Security and privacy settings understanding.
  7. 7. #2 Source of Hire
  8. 8. Veteran owned Cleared Job Board and Job Fair company for professionals with security clearances
  9. 9. Building profiles – be it on job boards or social media profiles – are an important way to present short snippets of who you are and your qualifications.
  10. 10. Filling out a profile that includes where you desire to work along with your resumes and cover letters.
  11. 11. Your Account Dashboard which helps you keep your job search organized. You can have more than one resume and cover letter. You can create job agents, and see which jobs you have applied to.
  12. 12. The Browse tab quickly refines your search results. The default search results are by Relevance to your criteria. Click Date to view results in date order.
  13. 13. When you log in to your job seeker account, access Quick Job Search and Advanced Job Search from My Dashboard.
  14. 14. Select the Search tab to edit your search criteria. Click Clear to erase all your current search criteria.
  15. 15. When you refine your searches and like the results you’re receiving, create a Saved Search or a Job Agent. Job Agents are Saved Searches that email you when new jobs that match your search criteria are posted to ClearedJobs.Net. You can receive Job Agent notifications daily, weekly or monthly.
  16. 16. You never know who might be able to help your job search.
  17. 17. Customize Your Title with Your Keywords You can make your photo visible to Just Your Connections, Your Network or Everyone Grab Your Personal LinkedIn URL Summary in three paragraphs or less
  18. 18. Skills & Expertise is a form of recommendation. Skills & Expertise are grabbed from your profile to start You can add up to 25 skills and edit out the ones you don’t want Recruiters have already begun searching based on profiles with the highest number of endorsements for specific skills
  19. 19. Always personalize your invitations to connect
  20. 20. You Don’t Have to Accept All Invitations to Connect And You Can Report Connections that Should Not Be Connecting with You.
  21. 21. Follow for Company See who you are connected with Check out their Careers page
  22. 22. Review the LinkedIn profile of an interviewer(s) before you meet them
  23. 23. You can join up to 50 Groups, and if they don’t work for you, you can leave the group and join others.
  24. 24. LinkedIn Publisher – an opportunity to start building your “Subject Matter Expert” name.
  25. 25. Companies may share job postings, events, company news and a way to interact with hiring managers.
  26. 26. Find Your Facebook Account Setting These will be located under your “name” on your account.
  27. 27. Privacy Settings Familiarize yourself with the Privacy settings Use the Help Section, Safety Center and the Top Questions There is also a Family Help Center Again, it is “your” responsibility to keep up to date on the Privacy and Security settings
  28. 28. Create “Lists” of who you share your information with: Friends, Families versus Public.
  29. 29. Facebook Graph lets you search on a wide range of criteria based on a particular topic.
  30. 30. You can refine your Searches.
  31. 31. • Include work or job related info on your profile • Upload your public resume to your notes • Let your friends know you’re looking for a job • Set up lists of people you share info with friends/others Active Facebook User? Not On Facebook? • Create a skeletal profile • Like/follow companies, organizations and government agencies you are targeting
  32. 32. Company Info, news and jobs
  33. 33. News no longer breaks, it tweets. 140 Character news and information feed / email alternative
  34. 34. Why • Follow recruiters & target companies • Job postings are tweeted A Tweet
  35. 35. Your Twitter Account Name, location and most importantly your Bio Learning to write about yourself “briefly”
  36. 36. Twitter Account Settings for Privacy You can elect to have others follow you or approve them before they can follow you. You can set your location and how your information is shared with others.
  37. 37. Locating like minded accounts in the Following and Followers of accounts you are following
  38. 38. 1. Follow/connect with companies you want to work for and their recruiters 2. Use relevant keywords in your profile 2 Things to Do
  39. 39. “Manually”
  40. 40. Building your expertise and knowledge by searching for and answering questions – especially if you are looking to be on a nonprofit board or become a consultant.
  41. 41. Setting up your profile and connecting with your other networks.
  42. 42. Setting up your account.
  43. 43. Creating a profile, developing an expertise and have the community vote on your answers.
  44. 44. Set up your topics and you will be asked to answer questions that the community can review, Upvote or Downvote.
  45. 45. How do you wrap it all up? Your one page for the world.
  46. 46. Easy format to complete. Great way to house all of your social media in one place.
  47. 47. Edit page allows you to customize your page and contact information.
  48. 48. Find contacts by searching or who has viewed your profile. Send a compliment as a way of interacting.
  49. 49. Create Collections for your interest and then search for profiles to add to them.
  50. 50. You can upload your presentations and share them in other social media. You can also have this on your LinkedIn profile. If you find other content of interest, you can share this through your social media networks.
  51. 51. Your Biggest Online University
  52. 52. Managing all of your accounts in one place for reviewing information and interacting with followers.
  53. 53. Both applications allow you to set up LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google+ in one place. You can also set up search terms to keep up on key topics.
  54. 54. It’s all about expanding your network and connecting with like minded individuals.
  55. 55. And once you connect with them face to face, following up with them in social media.
  56. 56. social collaborative tools are now an important part of the career landscape
  57. 57. The New “Technically Connected You”
  58. 58. How this information was compiled…. Through my network of 500+ LinkedIn connections I asked: Do you equip your staff with cell phones and/or laptops? If so, which makes and models? What are your expectations when you provide this equipment? Namely do you expect staff to have the equipment on all the time or just business hours? Do you provide support and training to your new staff on how to use this technology? Is there on-going technical support or does staff have to just "wing it'?
  59. 59. Expectations of your connectivity…… If there is an “urgent” project or task in process, you will be expected to answer immediately no matter the time of day or day of the week. Most companies expect some overtime but not complete 24/7. Many said emails must be answered within 24 hours. If you are working at a client site, you will not have a cell phone and your laptop but you will have one off site for processing timesheets and communicating with your managers. There will be little to no training using this equipment as there is an expectation that you know how to use it.
  60. 60. Company Issued Laptops Most companies issue a Dell laptop but there will not be training or support. BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is becoming more popular. As it tablets. Most will have an Access Security Key or “Fob”. You will have to check with your IT department to see when they do updates.
  61. 61. Basic Programs The Microsoft Office Suite of programs Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint. You will want to learn how to use each one of these programs to be able to view the files, save them to the proper areas of your computer and create documents. For Outlook, being able to learn how to Save or Archive emails, Create a Signature block, or Create Folders. Remember emails carry viruses: Don’t open an .exe or .zip file, or something that “looks” official – it’s not Word, Excel or PowerPoint – creating the documents but also remembering where to Save them.
  62. 62. Cell Phones You will either be given a cell phone but more than likely expected to use your own. Blackberry, iPhones and Droids are all used. You will need to have a phone for voicemail, to connect with your email and to text. Phones are now set to be Geolocators, so this function will be turned on for your phone. You will need to turn it off, but there will still be the emergency locator. Battery lives vary per phone dependent on how much graphic or internet usage you use. Charge your battery every night.
  63. 63. Care 2015 Cleared Job Fairs in Virginia – Sept 10 Dulles Oct 1 Tysons Corner Nov 18 Crystal City
  64. 64. Thanks for your time! Contact Us Anytime! 703-871-0037 Option 4 Ksmith@ClearedJobs.Net CustomerService@ClearedJobs.Net