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Outsourcing your IT Department

Outsourcing is a process followed by millions of companies
nowadays, by subcontracting a third party
company to do a specific work. Many companies choose this option when they need someone specialized in a specific area.
Here it is explained why you should consider to outsource the IT department of your company.

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Outsourcing your IT Department

  1. 1. your IT department S U B C O N T R A C T A T H I R D P A R T Y C O M P A N Y Outsourcing
  2. 2. Outsourcing It is a process follow by millions of COMPANIES nowadays by Subcontracting a third party company to do a specifically work. These companies save a lot of money (Insurance, payments, etc) because they do not need to have in the company’s roster, they just pay to a third party, having a lot of benefits: and raising the productivity, spending less time and saving up to 40%.
  3. 3. Pros of outsourcing your IT department1 Cost Reduction. Outsourcing your IT staff and services allows you to pay only when you need them, saving a lot of money. Greater Range of Expertise. Outsourced IT providers have qualified experts and teams of professionals. They have a diverse range of skills that can handle any situation or task that you want to do, and you can select the best profile for your company. Productivity Increases. Some business employees have secondary roles such as IT consultant, that they can develop when needed, But you need them working in their primary roles, administration, financials, etc.
  4. 4. Cons of outsourcing your IT department2 Times. Sometimes outsourcing your staff will be easier and sometimes harder, there are profiles that have everything you’ve ever wanted on your team, but there is a problem! the time zone that they have. This can result into a disadvantage for managing tasks, achieving goals, etc. Quality of work. If you don’t choose your staff correctly from Outsourced IT provider, it can result into a bad quality of work. Sometimes they do not feel like being part of the company’s team and they don’t work as they should giving you less than a 100%. Comunication. There are always linguistic challenges that can make tasks more difficult than how they really are. Hallo! ¡HOLA! Hello!
  5. 5. Outsourcing an IT Service3 So your requirements for outsourcing IT services are: Quality Excelent Support Budget Friendly Efficiency At the first time you would go with a big company in the first wolrd market, since you want a fully capable team of IT administrators to start managing your cloud infrastructure, but this is going to be more expensive than the services that others companies can provides you.
  6. 6. Outsource ClickIT With the ClickIT Outsourced Support you will receive the same quality of work for 1/3of the price. You will also receive excellent work, excellent support, the same service implementation and all this within your budget. All of this with the bests IT experts to fill your needs and cheaper than an IT company.
  7. 7. Need more? Or if you need help from our professional team, contact us! ARTICLE SOURCE: HTTPS://WWW.CLICKITTECH.COM/ADMINISTRATIVE/OUTSOURCING-YOUR-IT- DEPARTMENT Benefits of Managed Services vs non Managed Services How Outsourcing IT services will help you improve your business ClickIT Smart Technologies