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Assignment 2.1 (Minh Trang - Công Dũng - Lan Chi - Yến Anh)

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Assignment 2.1 (Minh Trang - Công Dũng - Lan Chi - Yến Anh)

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Assignment 2.1 (Minh Trang - Công Dũng - Lan Chi - Yến Anh)

  1. 1. STRATEGIC BRANDING PROCESS Yến Anh | Lan Chi | Công Dũng | Minh Trang Assignment 2.1
  2. 2. Agenda 1. Understanding the branding process 2. The right strategic branding process 3. Branding Process of Knorr
  3. 3. 1. Understanding the branding process Extract Explicit Short- and Long-Term Business Goals as Drivers of Brand Vision Conduct Key Stakeholder Analysis to Capture Implicit Brand Requirements Develop Customer Needs–Driven Segmentation with Perspectives on Competition and Segment Economics Develop a Brand Vision Linked to the Corporate or Business Unit Business Strategy Develop a Brand Promise Develop a Brand Identity System Develop a Brand Narrative Develop a Brand Personality Develop Brand Positioning Translate Brand Promise into Customer Experience Design Derive drivers of Brand Vision from Business Strategies in order to develop a meaningful brand strategy. Identify and win over key people to support the branding project. Therefore, it can gain supporting resource when needed and its quality is well-shaped at the beginning Analyse market potentials, competitors and target consumers Craft the relevant, big picture of where the brand want to be in long-term in order to support corporate strategy from itputs in previous steps. This step wil set the direction for brand development. Humanize the vision and mission of corporate and brand to connect with customers by making a promise. Define where the brand will place in mind of target consumer in the presence of competitors Define a set of human characteristics that will be attributed to brand to which consumer can relate Initiate a story of brand to create a long-lasting experience with consumer, in order to create brand loyalty. Build up a set of visual opponents to consistently and coherently deliver your brand. Map the journey of consumer with brand.
  4. 4. However, standing from the point of marketer, there is 1 step that is mistakenly placed wrong in the previous process... is a series of actions taken to establish the direction, clarity of purpose, inspiration and enerygy ofBranding Process BRAND It’s defined by the expectations people have about tangible and intangible benefits that are developed over time => Brand’s existence is to be relevant to its consumer as it is why and how brand is shaped. Therefore, in order to strategically establish brand strategy, it must start with consumer. THE RIGHT PROCESS Develop Customer Needs–Driven Segmentation with Perspectives on Competition and Segment Economics Extract Explicit Short- and Long-Term Business Goals as Drivers of Brand Vision Conduct Key Stakeholder Analysis to Capture Implicit Brand Requirements Develop a Brand Vision Linked to the Corporate or Business Unit Business Strategy Develop a Brand Promise Develop a Brand Identity System Develop a Brand Narrative Develop a Brand Personality Develop Brand Positioning Translate Brand Promise into Customer Experience Design
  5. 5. Develop Customer Needs–Driven Segmentation with Perspectives on Competition and Segment Economics1 MARKET OVERVIEW Economic context - Vietnam population: >80mil, increases by 1.3%/year - GDP per capita increases from 480 USD/year (2004) to 1024 USD/year (2008) Social context - Curturally, Vietnamese women regarded to play the important role of home cook - Women are raising their status and stand in the society, but they do not forget thr role to cook tasty and nutritious meals for her husband and children Category and competition - The demand for marinade in family meals in Vietnam is enormous, specifically 30 mil litres of soup per day, 14 mil stew dishes, 18 mil dishes of fried/stir-fried in the weekend” (Nielsen) - VNese woman’s daily cooking repertoire consisted of basic, one- dimensional seasoning products – salt, sugar, pepper, bot canh and MSG. There is chance for seasoning product with rounded flavor to get in Vietnamese women’ cooking.
  6. 6. STEP 1: DEVELOP CUSTOMER NEEDS–DRIVEN SEGMENTATION WITH PERSPECTIVES ON COMPETITION AND SEGMENT ECONOMICS1 CONSUMER | Vietnamese home cook women Her attitude Instead of defying, she learns to embrace her home cook role under her context WHY? Because the love for her husband and child is unconditional, and cooking is one of the important ways she expresses her love for her beloved ones. There is chance for seasoning product talking to Vietnamese cooking-embracing women about quality meals with less effort SEGMENT - Vietnamese women, 22-45 y/o, married and working - Personality: care-giving, inspirational, joyful - Attitude: Mums who see cooking as a pleasure not a burden, and food is a key part of their desire to please the ones they love. NIL LOW MEDIUM HIGH Woman defying their home cook role because of its pressure Women accepting their role as a responsibility Traditional women embracing cooking, stick to traditional seasoning products Women embracing cooking, looking for better and easier approach to cooking Cooking Embracers
  7. 7. 1 CONSUMER NEEDS In the society, being a good home cook is the first thing defining a clever woman (“Cong” in Cong-Dung-Ngon-Hanh). They are under the invisible pressure to be a good wife and good mom in showing their great cooking skill. Under the position of a wife and mother, they not only care about the flavor but also the nutrition for the proper health and growth of family members.. Vietnamese women are increasingly strengthening their status in the society, they have to spend more time to improve and care for themselves. There is an unrealized need for Something that helps their cooking be tasty and high-quality Something that not only boosts the flavor for the tongue but also provides enough nutrition for the body Something that reduces the time and effort they spend on cooking There is chance for seasoning product providing taste, nutrition and ease in Vietnamese women’ cooking
  8. 8. STEP 2: EXTRACT EXPLICIT SHORTAND LONG-TERM BUSINESS GOALS AS DRIVERS OF BRAND VISION 2 Business goals SALES AND REVENUE (N/A) SHARE Short-term: Highest share in the category AWARENESS 70% TOM awareness, 1 in first 3 brands in the category BRAND VISION The no.1 brand in the seasoning category by providing the first full-flavor seasoning product STEP 3: CONDUCT KEY STAKEHOLDER ANALYSIS TO CAPTURE IMPLICIT BRAND REQUIREMENTS 3 Identify key stakeholders CEO, CFO, VP Brand, VP Marketing, VP Finance, VP Operations,… Identify their range of power, interest and intent Identify their requirements Work out how to meet their requirements to win their support 4
  9. 9. STEP 5: DEVELOP BRAND PROMISE - Vietnamese women’s daily cooking repertoire consisted of basic, one-dimensional seasoning products – salt, sugar, pepper, bot canh and MSG . CONTEXT (When Knorr first penetrated into VN’s market) Good opportunity for a healthier and more delicious alternative. Knorr helps home-cooks provide natural and nutritious meals for their families in a convenient way. BRAND PROMISE - To VN women, taking care of their family especially their meals is very important. However, it takes too much time and effort. 5
  10. 10. How Knorr keep their promise through some important times? - 2001: Knorr Cooking Granules was launched on the proposition of: More delicious, more nutritious with Chef endorsements, which helped build credentials rapidly to gain quick consumer acceptance. - 2009: To develop the product profile in Vietnam, Knorr Mushroom & Seaweeds Granules (2 healthy ingredients) was developed specifically to create the really fresh, really sweet vegetable dishes. - 2010: Knorr Shinbone, Tenderloin & Marrow Granules was introduced with the combination of 3 premium ingredients which guarantees the TRON VI (rounded) taste of dishes. - August 2010: A new product of Knorr, meal maker, was launched in order to persuade scratch/unbranded mix users to use recipe mixes by owning the positioning of perfect taste which guarantees for difficult-to-cook dishes’. -2013: Re-launched product with added Vitamin A in collaboration with Vietnamese National Nutrition Institute. With the new formulation, Knorr granules guarantee not only the rounded taste (GIA VỊ HOÀN CHỈNH) of dishes but also good benefit for the family health with the addition of Vitamin A in order to help consumers become 5
  11. 11. STEP 6: DEVELOP BRAND POSITIONING How Knorr positions with the “natural + nutritious + convenient” promise? What Need For Whom Diffrentiated By Reasons To Believe All-in-one seasoning product delivering great taste to foods, which helps express love. Mainly mums who see cooking as pleasure and always desire to nurture and please their loved ones by foods. Rounded taste of love. Only Knorr cares as much about the food you cook for your loved ones as you do. Created by Knorr’s real chefs by understanding how real women cook. Using authentic cooking processes. Rounded taste of love! 6
  12. 12. STEP 7: DEVELOP A BRAND PERSONALITY - Authentic - Generous Made with natural, nutritious and sustainably sourced ingredients Archetype: Caregiver / Creator - Inspirational - Joyful Inspire cooking by creating simple smart ideas. 7
  13. 13. Brand narrative Initiate a story of brand to create a long-lasting experience with consumer, in order to create brand loyalty FLAVOR OF HOME Theme: For the Love of Flavour (because cooking delicious and nutritious food should be within everyone’s reach) Plot: story of a mother and daughter, and reveals that the greatest flavor on earth is in fact the taste of home. Start a story to connect emotionally with target consumers: Cooking embracers (Mainly mums who see food as pleasure not fuel and for whom their beloveds) But brand narrative is story with no ends, so the story can go on. 8
  14. 14. STEP 9: DEVELOP A BRAND IDENTITY SYSTEM - LOGO - PRIMARY COLOURS GREEN YELLOW Illustrates the natural & nutritious attributes of product Highlights the inspirational & joyful personalities of brand Symbolizes the generous personality of a caregiver. Brings a warm feeling of a united family meal. Soft strokes + Italic type + Red Symbolizes family meal: full of love - PACKAGING: Consistently stick to 2 primary colours: green & yellow Images of dishes are illustrated attractively, naturally & nutritiously like they are cooked by mom. - POS: 9
  15. 15. 1. Properties: sweet, smell like water of meat and bone compact, and smell like traditional 1. Product + Package 3. Package: sightly, attracted the attention (because new product). Design package for favorable and easy expressive insight. - Yellow Package: attracted customer + sightly - Design for favoable & easy for preservation: 3 layer alumiun (not wet) => can vehicles an angle for use and next use - Size fit with price and target audience. A little package for saving money (for new customer) about 100g, 200g until 500g, 1kg, 2kg 2. Price Stagement price: low price. Because: 1. New product 2. Product is essential 3. Mentality: cheap and saving 4. For fit for target audience (like analyze in part 1). => normal housewifes or VIP housewifes can use this product (Starting price is 7.500 VND, after that 8 years up 11.000 VND  Customer trust so Knorr add more new function and up price) 3. Place Form existing market Traditional & market: good “hoa hồng” for seller + provided cushelves => Purpose is seller garniture a new product in front store Long-term Strategy 1. First when starting, Knorr realized Vietnam economy is growing => Supermarket, Hypermarket, grocery store appear more Mại, cửa hàng chuyên dụng sẽ tăng lên đáng kể. Yes ! Growing 9% (2005) up 14% (2007) and 27% (2010) Big cities is: 15%, 24% và 37% => Garniture product in supermarket: Use money + reputation of Unilever for the best base. Second, future tendency people is busy => they will not buy in market. They buy in supermarket and grocenry store ... Third, at this time, competition of Knorr dont strong approach this market. Translate Brand Promise into Customer Experience Design Promotion Place Price Product + Package 2. Distribution on website and online shopping ( – – ...) 3. Distribution near product of Unilever Step 10 2. Quality: certify of Bộ Y Tế (after that add vitamin A + nutrition) 10
  16. 16. 4. Promotion WHY PROMOTION IS THE MOST IMPORTANT ? (MOST IMPORTANT) Truyền miệng TV Báo chí Internet Email 58 % 38 % 79 % 73 % 72 % 1. Base on research of Nielsen in 2005. In Vietnam, 60% people trust advertisement. Ratting 8/10 country trust advertisement. Besides, this is a table about trust in advertisement forms 2. Base on survey in big supermarket (at this time), Knorr realize competition have same price so what product can good promotion is the best seller 3. Knorr is a new product in Vietnam. Have good function and good price but customer dont know about that => mass comunication for educate for them about function benefit.  Advertisement in TV và trial in supermarket, school, residential (after that when internet popular, Knorr build more in digital) WHAT TARGET IN PROMOTION ? WHAT FORM OF PROMOTION IS GOOD ? 1. When starting - The media: TV, radio (analyze in left table) - Flyer, internet - Marketing in store: trial product - Poster in bus stop - Promotion: bonus product - Free packages Knorr for consumer - Campaign: Yellow Hòa Hưng Market (Dist. 10) => impress customer - Comunicate about Knorr save health and enviroment 2. Long-term vision After that impress customer, Knorr have a good stagement in Vietnam market, Then Knorr make different promotion for complete Knorr’s strategy. => Good impress when starting - Sponsoring for coocking programs in TV - Creat good relationship with VN’s comunication (style of Unilever?) - Event: “Knorr tôn vinh ẩm thực Việt Nam” (2007) – “Viết công thức nấu Ăn mới với Knorr” (2009) và “Tết sum vầy cùng Knorr” (2010) - Sponsoring protect children center, orphanage, nursing home ...  Although keep a once style but unclear so now, Knorr dont have any impress special campaign. However, Knorr still complete this strategy by money Women (22 - 45) have job, busy but still want to take care of their family 10
  17. 17. THANK YOU