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Social Reputation

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What to do to make, preserve and monitor your social reputation.

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Social Reputation

  1. 1. SOCIAL REPUTATION The internet is forever.
  2. 2. Are You Social? Social Media Icons via
  3. 3. The Social Breakdown
  4. 4. The Social Breakdown
  5. 5. The Social Breakdown
  6. 6. The Social Breakdown Infographic via
  7. 7. Social Reputation• What is a social reputation? – Your reputation online, on social media and IRL (in real life).
  8. 8. Social Reputation• Why is it important? – We live in a 24 hr/day media world – The internet is forever – Delete does not = erase – Social/ Online Reputation impacts off-line life and job relationships – Email to Instagram, you are leaving a permanent social footprint
  9. 9. Social Reputation• Social Media Managers – Each member is a social media manager – You represent yourself, your company and your charities – What you tweet, post and pin becomes your social reputation – Your reputation becomes one part of the Junior League of Stamford-Norwalk’s reputation – Potential Members, Supporters and Donors are watching
  10. 10. Social Reputation• Social Strategy – How to you want to be perceived? – How do you want to represent your personal brand, company and charities?
  11. 11. Social Reputation• Social Tactics – Visual content is the most read and shared on all platforms – Share YOUR story, a personal connection is important – Different platforms require different content
  12. 12. Social Reputation• Social Platform Content – Personal network of friends and family – Business network for connecting and sharing content – The network for real time information – Your digital billboard – defines you and your brand
  13. 13. Social Reputation Management• The Rule of Cocktails – Don’t share, say or do anything you wouldn’t share, say or do at a cocktail party (think Grandma’s 80th birthday party, not 5 year college reunion cocktail party).
  14. 14. Social Reputation Management• Avoid The Snooki Effect – Currently, Snooki is a new mom. She would like you to think of her as this woman.
  15. 15. Social Reputation Management• The Snooki Effect – The internet is forever so when you “Google” Snooki you find this gal.
  16. 16. Social Reputation Management• The Snooki Effect and sadly this will be on the internet FOREVER.. Think before you tweet, pin or post.
  17. 17. How Can you Protect your Reputation?• Facebook – Don’t Hoard Friends  Do you really know all 987 of those FB friends? Make sure you “know” the people with access to your page.  Do you trust your FB friends to keep any inappropriate picture of you (from college spring break) in a box where they belong?
  18. 18. How Can you Protect your Reputation?• Facebook Mistakes – The Forgotten Friend  Did you “friend” a colleague, boss or client and then COMPLAIN about them?  Welcome to the reply all button of 2012!
  19. 19. How Can you Protect your Reputation?• Facebook Mistakes – Saucy Photos  Keep the cleavage covered  Just say “no” to party pictures  Control tagging of you by “friends” by removing tags or changing tag preferences in the settings.
  20. 20. How Can you Protect your Reputation?• Facebook Mistakes – Over Sharing  We’re all very happy about your new boyfriend / husband/ baby/ house/ job/ etc. etc. etc. but PLEASE do not show us EVERY SINGLE photo of the event/person.  We’re all very sorry to hear about your gluten allergy/bad boyfriend/pregnancy heartburn/ weird looking mole but again, please do not share every detail with us.  Don’t drink and Facebook/Twitter (Pinterest is fine).
  21. 21. How Can you Protect your Reputation?• Twitter Mistakes – Keep it Clean: NSFW is a bad thing.  It’s great to be funny and maybe even shocking on Twitter, but try to keep it clean. A Twitter stream of F bombs and trash talking will stay with you forever (this is a good rule for all Social Media platforms).
  22. 22. How Can you Protect your Reputation?• Twitter Mistakes – Tweet at appropriate times  In a really boring meeting? Skipping work for a beach day? Ditching class because you didn’t do the reading? DON’T TWEET ABOUT IT!  Think your boss, client or co-workers won’t check your social stream? Think again.
  23. 23. How Can you Protect your Reputation?• LinkedIn Mistakes – Keep it professional  Are those morning workouts really paying off? Please don’t post your bikini as your profile pic. Bikini babes are not professional or appropriate.
  24. 24. Who is looking at your social reputation?• Everyone is watching  Potential/Current Employers  Potential Colleges  Potential Contributors/Investors  Family & Friends  Your children  Lawyers
  25. 25. Who is looking at your social reputation?• Recruiters & companies are researching you  78% of recruiters check search engines  63% of recruiters check social media sites  8% of companies have fired someone for abusing Social Media.* * Info via kbsd Digital Marketing
  26. 26. Rules of Managing your social reputation• Follow these rules to monitor your socialreputation  Know your friends & followers.  Remember the Cocktail Rule.  Avoid the Snooki Effect.  Don’t over share.  Avoid The Social Media “Reply All”.  Remember employers & schools will ask for your social media handles and check them.  Google yourself, know what is out there.  Have a Social Media plan for your image.  Have a Social Presence (being digitally non-existent can be detrimental ).
  27. 27. It takes many good deeds to build a good reputation, and only one bad one to lose it. -Benjamin Franklin
  28. 28.