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Welcome to ionic 2

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Welcome to ionic 2

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Welcome to ionic 2

  1. 1. Welcome to Ionic 2
  2. 2. Welcome to Ionic 2.0 Ionic is world most popular cross-platform mobile application development framework. From last two years millions of developers build over 1.2 million mobile apps with Ionic Framework. Ionic 2 still in development phase, But Ionic Team released Ionic 2 Alpha version for developer. Documentation released by Ionic Team. Ionic 2 is based on Angular 2 and comes with amazing performance, usability and feature improvements from Angular 2. Main goals of Ionic 2 is V2 Simplicity, Platform Continuity, Performance, Creative Freedom, Code once Important Features of Ionic 2  Better Navigation: In ionic 2 navigation handle inside view, models, means and containers.  More Native Support: Ionic 2 added many native features directly you can take more advance without adding plugins.  Theming: New theming system easily match colors and design.  Android Material Design: Full material design support for Android apps.  Ionicons v3 – Now SVG and also match up nicely with the native icons on both IOS and Android.  Animations – Ionic 2 based on Web Animation API to support controlled animations that can take advantage hardware acceleration.
  3. 3. Ionic 2 Documentation You can read Ionic 2 documentation on following URL. You can watch Ionic 2 video on
  4. 4. Installing Ionic 2 Run following command to install Ionic 2: $ npm install -g ionic@alpha Thanks ionic-2.html Keywords – Ionic 2, Ionic 2 Documentation, Ionic 2 Help