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CodeBaby Healthcare Solutions Data Sheet

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Read this data sheet and watch videos to learn how: CodeBaby Health Advisor Intelligent Virtual Assistant solutions accelerate your patient engagement strategy for
better health & financial outcomes.
CodeBaby Benefits Advisor Intelligent Virtual Assistant solutions maximize enrollment, reduce costs, & increase
member loyalty through interactive guidance.

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CodeBaby Healthcare Solutions Data Sheet

  1. 1. BenefitsAdvisor and HealthAdvisor Improved application accuracy and completions: CodeBaby combines various tools within the experience to ensure site visitors complete enrollment and accurately fill out forms with as little as hassle as possible. Reduced contact center & agent usage: Research shows the cost of the average virtual assistant enabled self- service session ranges from $1-3 USD, compared to over $10 USD for an email response and $33 USD for a telephone call. In addition, the CodeBaby virtual assistant works 24/7, never gets sick, provides consistent information, and displays an always sparkling personality. Enhanced healthcare self- service: The virtual assistant optimizes and encourages the use of popular website tools, such as appointment scheduling, physician locators, symptom navigators, and health libraries. And with platform optimization, we deliver the right experience to any form factor: desktop, tablet, smartphone, or kiosk. Increased patient motivation & self management: The virtual assistant can work as a digital health coach to deliver personalized motivational messages, walk the patient through health assessments, or give guidance during ongoing care management. CodeBaby Intelligent VirtualAssistants improve the patient & member experience. Healthcare Platform Knowledgebases Click-to-Call Click-to-Chat Email/Forms ©2014 CodeBaby Corporation, Inc. All rights reserved. Integrated Customer Experience Enterprise DataEnterprise Data Knowledge Bases Click-to-Call Click-to-Chat Email/Contact Forms Healthcare SolutionsCodeBaby®
  2. 2. 7070 for payers Maximize enrollment, reduce costs, & increase member loyalty through interactive guidance. The Benefits Advisor solution guides your consumers to make fully informed insurance and benefits coverage decisions to help you build and nurture member communities. It simplifies health plan complexity through real-time decision support and plan education while lowering operational expenses. BenefitsAdvisor and HealthAdvisor for providers Accelerate your patient engagement strategy for better health & financial outcomes. The Health Advisor solution delivers consistent health management and drives better health behaviors by engaging patients on websites, PHRs, and care management platforms. From the first website contact to hospital discharge, it helps you achieve your value-based objectives by improving care quality and patient satisfaction. “Lina” educates, engages, and helps consumers choose the best plan for their needs. “Myra” explains the health risk assessment & the importance of a good program. http:// external/ 64343758.hd.mp4? s=14a186baa4c04376 Accuracy 80% 75% Engagement Completion 95% ©2014 CodeBaby Corporation, Inc. All rights reserved. Contact us for more information or to schedule a demo: Healthcare SolutionsCodeBaby® external/ 70508690.hd.mp4? s=810bf7f40a3153a4bc 89ec1346b86c66