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In this talk, we will start with some introduction to Azure Functions, its triggers and bindings. Later we will build a serverless solution to solve a problem statement by using different triggers and bindings of Azure Functions.

Language to be used: C# and IDE - Visual Studio 2019 Community Edition"

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  1. 1. Building Serverless Solutions using Azure Functions By Ashirwad Satapathi
  2. 2. Meet Ashirwad Satapathi | @ashirwad_1998 Software Engineer Focused on ASP.NET Development UiPath Certified RPA Developer Cloud Enthusiast To Connect GitHub - AshirwadSatapathi Blog - LinkedIn -
  3. 3. Agenda • What is Serverless? • Azure Serverless Offerings • Azure Functions • Triggers and Bindings • Problem Statement • Let’s solve it • QnA
  4. 4. What is Serverless ? Event Driven Stateless Micro Billing
  5. 5. Azure Serverless Offerings
  6. 6. What is Azure Functions ? Event Driven Stateless Micro Billing FaaS
  7. 7. What are Triggers ? • Blob Storage • Timer • HTTP • Cosmos DB • Event Grid • Queue Storage • Service Bus • Table Storage • And a few more…..
  8. 8. What are Bindings ? • Blob Storage • SendGrid • Twilio • Cosmos DB • Event Grid • Queue Storage • Service Bus • Table Storage • And a few more…..
  9. 9. Problem Statement We are working at startup which has been scaling at an unprecedented rate. Our startup has been adding on services to your portfolio at end of every week. Along with that we have been tweaking with our existing application to improve our user experience. Of late, there has been a decline in the usage of our services by our clients. This is a point of concern. We want to quickly get feedbacks from our clients about our services to understand the pain points they were facing which resulted in the decline of their usage of our services. We need to create a highly scalable application with minimal infrastructure overheads to gather feedbacks from our users to gather insights. And we also want to classify each feedback before storing the feedbacks in the database to process it later.
  10. 10. Proposed Solution Azure Text Analytics Submit Feedback Function Get Feedback Function Feedback DB Feedback DB
  11. 11. Let’s build the proposed solution
  12. 12. QnA
  13. 13. Thank you