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DevOps is Done: Deployment Strategies for 2019

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DevOps has long been the bridge between engineering and operations. While it undoubtedly served its purpose in the trajectory of software engineering, the truth is, it’s no longer relevant.
Thanks to the rise of fully automated platforms such as Kubernetes, and service providers like Codefresh, developers can now reach new levels of autonomy and ownership by consuming cloud services directly. This means no more reliance on a few individuals who hold exclusive knowledge about infrastructure management.
In this talk, we discuss Productivity Engineering – an emerging trend that aims to reduce cognitive load so that engineers can devote the majority of their attention to delivering value. By carefully choosing which service providers best enable developers, we can reach new levels of productivity.

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DevOps is Done: Deployment Strategies for 2019

  1. 1. DevOps is Done: Deployment Strategies for 2019
  2. 2. Andrew Holway Founder Otter Networks
  3. 3. Edmondo Porcu CTO Credimi
  4. 4. 4 Skill sprints to transform your infrastructure OUR APPROACH
  5. 5. Tacit Knowledge Tacit knowledge is the kind of knowledge that is difficult to transfer to another person by means of writing it down or verbalizing it.
  6. 6. Tacit Knowledge Sharing Social Interaction Ownership
  7. 7. Training?
  8. 8. 1 1 Skill sprints to transform your infrastructure OUR APPROACH
  9. 9. Review Apps Preview for client Developer Branch A Master Automated deployment and delivery Product Review new featureBranch B
  10. 10. Codefresh Get 120 FREE builds/month! Signup & schedule a 1:1 at:
  11. 11. Skill Sprint • CI / CD system, integrated with Git and Kubernetes • Upskilled development team with infrastructure ownership • A one week skill sprint alongside one or two of your engineers Develop, prototype and deploy like no otter.
  12. 12. Skill Sprint - How it works We collaborate with your engineers to deliver transformed infrastructure and an upskilled development team.
  13. 13. Questions?
  14. 14. Thank you