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Feature Rich Pull Requests

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Pull requests are about more than simple code review!
What if a pull request could give you more information and insight? What if it had it's own environment for reviewing changes and if test results were already attached? In this webinar, we'll look at best practices for handling pull requests and providing more information and options to the reviewer.

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Feature Rich Pull Requests

  1. 1. Feature-Rich Pull Requests JOSH DOLITSKY
  2. 2. Josh Dolitsky Open-Source Software Engineer
  3. 3. About Codefresh ● Docker based CI/CD solution ● Each build step is a Docker image ● Native support for Docker, Helm, Kubernetes deployments ● Includes built-in Docker registry and Helm repository ● 20,000+ users
  4. 4. Agenda 1. Basic pull-request actions 2. Advanced pull-request actions 3. Launching dynamic PR environments 4. Broadcasting PR test results back to GitHub 5. Tearing down dynamic PR environments Source code:
  5. 5. Basic pull-request actions
  6. 6. Advanced pull-request actions
  7. 7. Launching dynamic PR environments
  8. 8. Broadcasting PR test results back to GitHub
  9. 9. Tearing down dynamic PR environments
  10. 10. Summary ● Setup CI/CD for simple webapp ● Able to field PRs with confidence ● Automated test env setup/teardown ● Repeat the demo for yourself:
  11. 11. Get 120 FREE builds/month! Signup & schedule a 1:1 at: Build Fast, Deploy Faster Q ?
  12. 12. U E