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The DevOps disaster: 15 ways to fail at DevOps - Bert Jan Schrijver - Codemotion Amsterdam 2016

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Getting DevOps right isn't easy. It's downright hard. In this talk, I'm not going to explain how to 'do' DevOps in your organisation, since there is not just one 'right' way to do it. What I can show you however, is how NOT to do DevOps. This session shares 15 common misconceptions, call them anti-patterns, of DevOps. I'll talk from my own experiences in getting things wrong, explain why they are wrong and prevent you from making the same mistakes. You'll leave this session with a basic understanding of how (not) to fail at DevOps and hopefully, a smile on your face ;-)

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The DevOps disaster: 15 ways to fail at DevOps - Bert Jan Schrijver - Codemotion Amsterdam 2016

  1. 1. The DevOps disaster 15 ways to fail at DevOps Bert Jan Schrijver AMSTERDAM 11-12 MAY 2016 @bjschrijver
  2. 2. The DevOps disaster 15 ways to fail at DevOps Bert Jan Schrijver
  3. 3. Bert Jan Schrijver L e t ‘ s m e e t @bjschrijver
  4. 4. Outline S o w h a t ‘ s n e x t ? Introduction Definition How to fail at DevOps What’s DevOps really about?
  5. 5. Every change goes through the build/test pipeline and automatically gets put into production. Continuous Deployment ?! DevOps Building and testing software in such a way that the software can be released to production at any time. 
 "Ship early, ship often, sacrificing features, never quality" - Kyle Neath Continuous Delivery Team members integrate their work frequently. Commits are verified by automated builds and tests. Continuous Integration Definitions Who’s who in DevOps
  7. 7. DevOps: a definition Development and operations engineers being responsible together for the entire lifecycle of a product
  8. 8. DevOps: another definition Development and operations engineers working together on a shared goal: 
 building and running better-quality software more quickly and more reliably
  9. 9. Ready for failure? Photo: Dave Lehl
  10. 10. DevOps is the same thing as Continuous Delivery and Continuous Deployment It’s not. Go back a few slides. Failure 1
  11. 11. You need a central ‘DevOps team’ that handles all ops stuff Source: No. DevOps is about removing silos, not about adding more. Failure 2
  12. 12. DevOps is only for development and operations engineers No. Everyone in the team is in. Testers too! Failure 3
  13. 13. DevOps means developers managing production WORKED FINE IN DEV OPS PROBLEM NOW No. Yes. It depends ;-) Failure 4
  14. 14. DevOps is only for hipsters, startups and unicorns Source: No. DevOps can work for the enterprise, too. Failure 5
  15. 15. You need containers, microservices and ‘the cloud’ to do DevOps Source: THERE IS NO CLOUD IT’S JUST SOMEONE ELSE’S COMPUTER No. DevOps is not about technology. It’s about collaboration. Failure 6
  16. 16. DevOps is about automation Source: here No. Well, automation helps, but it’s not the main goal of DevOps. Failure 7
  17. 17. DevOps is about tools No, you don’t need Chef or Puppet to do DevOps. Failure 8
  18. 18. DevOps is a job title - something you can be certified in Source: No. Noooo! Just no. Or actually: yes. You’re all certified! Failure 9
  19. 19. DevOps replaces Agile Source: No. Agile is a way to develop software. DevOps has a broader goal. Failure 10
  20. 20. DevOps doesn’t work with waterfall, Prince or ITIL Source: No. That’s like saying “collaboration doesn’t work with …” Failure 11
  21. 21. You don’t need to define what DevOps means to your organisation Source: No. You really really need to. Trust me. I didn’t and I regret it. Failure 12
  22. 22. You can do DevOps without management buy-in Source: No. Changing an organisation requires C-level support. Failure 13
  23. 23. You can enforce DevOps in an organisation Source: No. You can never enforce cultural change. Failure 14
  24. 24. DevOps prevents failure Photo: Andres Harambour No. DevOps embraces failure. Failure is where you learn. Failure 15
  25. 25. So what is DevOps really about? Source:
  26. 26. DevOps is about culture Source:
  27. 27. DevOps is about freedom and responsibility Source:
  28. 28. DevOps is about empathy Source:
  29. 29. Source: THAT’S IT. NOW GO KICK SOME ASS!
  30. 30. Questions? @bjschrijver
  31. 31. Thanks for your time. Got feedback? Tweet it! @bjschrijver All pictures belong to their respective authors