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Yufeng Guo - Building machine learning systems for scale with Google Cloud AI - Codemotion Milan 2018

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Ready to add AI to your app, website, or product? As these tools and ecosystem grow, you can build faster and better. Come learn how you can leverage the power of Google Cloud to build and scale data and machine learning systems.

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Yufeng Guo - Building machine learning systems for scale with Google Cloud AI - Codemotion Milan 2018

  1. 1. Yufeng Guo | @YufengG Building Machine Learning Systems for Scale
  2. 2. Machine Learning is using many examples to make predictions. Confidential & Proprietary
  3. 3. Training Many examples Prediction Answer questions
  4. 4. Training Many examples Prediction Answer questions
  5. 5. Training Many examples Prediction Answer questionsSCALE
  6. 6. Reproducibility Flexibility AgilityPortability
  7. 7. Reproducibility Flexibility AgilityPortability
  8. 8. • Structured data • High-velocity streams • Colder archival data • Unstructured data • Transactional data • Time series data • Internet of Things data • Business data • Spreadsheets • Marketing data Join data in-place, don’t move it around
  9. 9. Reproducibility Flexibility AgilityPortability
  10. 10. Simple Portable Fast Cloud Machine Learning Deep Learning Images Kubeflow Cloud TPU GPU Java Mobile
  11. 11. Reproducibility Flexibility AgilityPortability
  12. 12. Flexibility: model training Model choice TF Hub Data warehouse or data lake Fast iterations BigQuery Cloud Storage
  13. 13. Flexibility: model deployment Model Stacking Swap models Scale inference Model 1 Model 2 Inputs Model 4Model 5 Model 3
  14. 14. Reproducibility Flexibility AgilityPortability
  15. 15. Agility patterns Fail fast -- test new ideas Keep developing Frequent retraining
  16. 16. How to stay agile Model versioning Abstraction levels ● Pre-trained APIs ● TF Hub ● ML APIs & AutoML ● A/B testing ● Gradual rollout ● Rollback options
  17. 17. Reproducibility Flexibility AgilityPortability
  18. 18. Your AI journey awaits
  19. 19. Google Cloud AI Adventures
  20. 20. Thank you Helpful resources @YufengG @yufengg