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Suburban Commercial Zoning Districts

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Suburban Commercial Zoning Districts

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Suburban Commercial Zoning Districts

  1. 1. City CouncilWorkshop 9 February 2017
  2. 2. Objectives  Provide background and history on the development of the SC zoning district  Review sites zoned SC since adoption  Provide overview of UDO requirements related to SC zoning district  Receive feedback/direction from City Council
  3. 3. Comprehensive Plan – Suburban Commercial This land use designation is generally for concentrations of commercial activities that cater primarily to nearby residents versus the larger community or region. Generally, these areas tend to be small in size and located adjacent to major roads (arterials and collectors). Design of these structures is compatible in size, roof type and pitch, architecture, and lot coverage with the surrounding single-family residential uses.
  4. 4. History of Development  Developed with assistance of a P&Z subcommittee (created in Dec. 2011)  Process took approximately ten months and included public input  SC zoning district adopted by City Council in Sept. 2012
  5. 5. Statistics  Area “planned” for SC = 893 acres  Area zoned SC = 32.37 acres  Number of SC rezonings approved since adoption (September 2012) = Nine  Number of projects currently developed under SC zoning = one
  6. 6. UDO Requirements  Max floor area of single structure = 15K  Max building height = 2 stories  Restaurant size limited (based uponT- Fare designation)  Drive-Thrus limited
  7. 7. UDO Requirements  Roofs must be similar to residential construction (no flat or shed roofs)  Architectural standards (similar to NRA with more options)  Doubled buffer requirements when adjacent to single-family development  Generally only low profile signs allowed
  8. 8. Direction/Feedback?