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Letter to Senator Gardner Regarding Joint Resolution 34 - 20170330

Senate Joint Resolution 34 is a measure that allows internet service providers to sell customers web browsing history to the highest bidder.

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Letter to Senator Gardner Regarding Joint Resolution 34 - 20170330

  1. 1. Senator Cory Gardner United States Senate 354 Russell Senate Office Building Washington, DC 20510 March 30, 2017 Senator Gardner, I am really disappointed with your vote on Senate Joint Resolution 34. I believe that broadband consumer privacy is extremely important. I am an avid Google and Facebook user and understand that these services harvest my personal information to sell targeted advertising. In exchange for this allowance though, these companies provide me with powerful free services that I use to create, socialize, and communicate. By contrast, the dominant broadband service provider in Colorado, Comcast/Xfinity, charges me expensive monthly rates for restrictively bundled services. Additionally, Comcast/Xfinity frequently raises their prices without providing tangible service improvements. Your vote on Senate Joint Resolution 34 has given broadband providers a new way to exploit their customers (your constituents). To remain online I must continue to pay their monopolistic monthly access fees while they also monetize my personal browsing information. You have given Comcast/Xfinity a powerful new revenue stream without any expectation that they will reduce their prices or improve their service quality. The people of Colorado deserve better! Please do not send me one of your silly stock responses championing some nonsense about deregulation. I am not interested. Your vote speaks for itself; you have put the interests of internet service providers above those of your constituents. Sean Maday 946 Shavano Peak Drive Superior, CO 80027