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Product Training Ideas Using Articulate Storyline

Learn how to use articulate storyline templates for product training. To download:

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Product Training Ideas Using Articulate Storyline

  1. 1. Product Training Ideas Using Articulate Storyline 1
  2. 2. Product Knowledge - a prerequisite for selling 2
  3. 3. Product Training Challenges 3
  4. 4. Product Training Challenges Proliferation of products
  5. 5. Product Training Challenges Knowledgeable customers
  6. 6. Product Training Challenges Intense competition with increased targets
  7. 7. If Sales People Cannot Attend Training, Training Needs to Go to the Sales People
  8. 8. Online Training Solutions through Rapid Authoring Tools
  9. 9. Product Training Curriculum Training in 4 Major Aspects of Products • Product portfolio • Features and benefits • Unique Selling Tips and • Information on Accessories, Warranty and AMC
  10. 10. Storyline for Product Training Curriculum Using readymade templates in Storyline for product training.
  11. 11. Aligning Templates in Storyline Product Portfolio
  12. 12. Aligning Templates in Storyline Features and Benefits
  13. 13. Aligning Templates in Storyline Unique Selling Tips
  14. 14. Aligning Templates in Storyline Secondary Information - Accessories, Bundling Options, Warranty, AMC
  15. 15. Aligning Templates in Storyline
  16. 16. Conclusion • Product Portfolio | Features and benefits of products | Unique selling tips | Accessories, Warranty and AMC options • Articulate Storyline templates can be used effectively for knowledge transfer of the above - mentioned features.
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