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Accelerate new hire productivity with 90+day onboarding

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Accelerate new hire productivity with 90+day onboarding

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US & UK spend $37B to keep unproductive employees who don’t understand their jobs.
Good onboarding gets 77% of employees to reach their 1st performance milestone.What can you do to give new hires the training and autonomy they need to get there? Find crucial global onboarding stats that show the impact of onboarding on employee retention, new hire performance, and company revenues. Learn how you can create effective games to speed up training and shorten time to productivity. Try the Atrivity onboarding game demo here:

US & UK spend $37B to keep unproductive employees who don’t understand their jobs.
Good onboarding gets 77% of employees to reach their 1st performance milestone.What can you do to give new hires the training and autonomy they need to get there? Find crucial global onboarding stats that show the impact of onboarding on employee retention, new hire performance, and company revenues. Learn how you can create effective games to speed up training and shorten time to productivity. Try the Atrivity onboarding game demo here:


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Accelerate new hire productivity with 90+day onboarding

  1. 1. Accelerate new hire productivity with 90+ day onboarding Ramp up faster, retain longer
  2. 2. of employees achieve 1st milestone with formal onboarding vs 51% of those without onboarding 77%
  3. 3. Why invest in onboarding?
  4. 4. Improve employee productivity, engagement, and retention…
  5. 5. …in the most critical time period of a new job
  6. 6. Good onboarding affects your bottom line Turnover costs Time to productivity Employee retention
  7. 7. 35% of companies spend $0 on onboarding …leaving new hires confused and unproductive
  8. 8. Top two reasons new hires leave
  9. 9. 25% of onboarding programs don’t include any form of training, leading to a 60 % loss of a company’s entire workforce 1 Inadequate training
  10. 10. 60 % of companies say they do not set milestones or concrete goals for new hires 2 Unclear performance goals
  11. 11. US & UK spend $37B to keep unproductive employees who don’t understand their jobs
  12. 12. Empower new hires to reach company and individual goals
  13. 13. Companies investing in skill development have higher profits A study by a leading management and strategy firm, Boston Consulting Group,* shows that companies investing in people- focused programs and skill development such as onboarding, performance, and employee engagement have a positive impact on revenue growth and higher profit margins. * Boston Consulting Group ranks 3rd in Fortune’s “100 Best Companies to Work For.” Economic influence clear in all HR topics but is most pronounced in #6 Topic in which most capable and least capable companies were compared The impact that the most capable companies achieve over the least capable companies in ... 1 ) Delivering on recruiting 2 ) Onboarding of new hires and retention 3 ) Managing talent 4 ) Improving employer branding 5 ) Performance management and reward 6 ) Developing leadership 7 ) Mastering HR processes 8 ) Global people management international expansion 9 ) Enhancing employee engagement 10 ) Providing shared services and outsourcing HR 3.5x 2.5x 2.2x 2.4x 2.1x 2.1x 1.8x 1.8x 1.8x 1.6x 2.0x 1.9x 2.1x 1.8x 2.0x 1.8x 1.8x 1.7x 1.6x 1.7x … revenue growth … profit margin
  14. 14. Keep the new hire you’ve invested in!
  15. 15. "When talking about onboarding and an employee's first 90 days on the job, what we're really talking about is employee retention” - Inc.
  16. 16. New hires want to: Prove their worth • Be professional • Integrate in the team • Exceed performance goals Advance their careers • Develop skills • Find a mentor
  17. 17. Have a mentor/”buddy” More than 1 week of onboarding Employee socialization Receive relevant & well-timed content Other Structure onboarding to support new hire success 37.01% 41.49% 18.61% 51.94% 3.78% WHAT NEW HIRES VALUE
  18. 18. “The ultimate payoff [of good onboarding] is to reduce turnover and encourage workers to stay with an organization for a longer tenure.” - Inc.
  19. 19. High risk of losing a new hire in the first year 20% decide if they want to leave within the first 6 months turnover happens in the first 45 days 86% leave within year 1 25%
  20. 20. It costs time and money to hire. It costs more to lose a new employee.
  21. 21. $213,000 up to 213% for executive positions $8,000 20% of $30,000 to $50,000 $3,328 16% of $30,000 or less $100,000 / yr $40,000 / yr $20,000 / yr Annual salary and cost to replace employee
  22. 22. Calculating your turnover costs + Cost of hiring + Cost of onboarding + Lost productivity + Lost engagement + Cost of re-engaging + Customer service and errors + Training cost over time = your employee turnover cost ➔Advertising and recruiting costs ➔Training expenses and staff time ➔1-2 years time to peak productivity ➔Co-worker effect: disengage and lose productivity ➔Coaching time and training costs to motivate employees ➔Lost time and business opportunities ➔Over 2-3 years, 10-20 % of employee's salary in training
  23. 23. Formal Onboarding 90 days and beyond
  24. 24. ✓ Send welcome email ✓ Include the name of buddy or mentor ✓ Give instructions on office arrival ✓ Inform about dress code ✓ Automate and digitize paperwork PRE-BOARDING - Make them feel welcome early Firms that use pre- boarding are 1.6x more likely to have a lower cost per hire than those that don’t
  25. 25. What do new hires really want in the first week? 76% On-the-job training is most important 73% Review of company 59% Company tour, equipment setup and procedures 56% Having a buddy or mentor
  26. 26. ✓ Review checklist ✓ Ensure workstation set up and clean ✓ Place Week 1 schedule on desk ✓ Make team introductions ✓ Introduce to buddy or mentor DAY 1 Welcome and setup
  27. 27. ✓ Review Role & Responsibilities ✓ Make introductions to key people ✓ Give access to and start training on individual tools ✓ Train on company background, handbook, product and competition ✓ Assign individual tasks DAY 2 - 10 Orientation Assess knowledge: At the end of 10 days  Who’s Who  Company knowledge
  28. 28. Set performance milestones with incremental responsibility
  29. 29. ✓ New hire shows value ✓ Completes individual project ✓ Access to and trains on collaboration tools ✓ Understands workflows DAY 30 Ramp up Assess knowledge:  Products  Competitors  Identify knowledge gaps READ MORE 11 Tips for Successful Onboarding
  30. 30. ✓ Completes first collaborative project DAY 60 First collaborations Assess knowledge:  Market insights  Workflows Start refresher training:  Identify and test knowledge gaps
  31. 31. Ongoing training is essential for prepared workforces 50 65 49 83M Economic change is reshaping the workplace Employment is rising faster in occupations requiring more preparation in our knowledge economy Higher level of job preparation Lower level of job preparation 1980 2015 Most workers see continuous training as essential or important to career success % who believe training & development throughout their work life will be: Essential Important, but not essential Not important 54% 33 12 Number employed, in millions
  32. 32. ✓ Ready for individual and collaborative projects DAY 90 Full autonomy Assess knowledge  Collaborative tools Ongoing and refresher training  Identify and test knowledge gaps
  33. 33. DAY 90+ Check-in and training ✓ Focus on talent and development skills ✓ Present opportunities to challenge skills ✓ Identify windows to increase responsibilities ✓ Train according to new challenges, skills and opportunities ✓ Set-up 30-day check-in meetings Ongoing and refresher training:  Identify and test knowledge gaps  Develop talent and skills
  34. 34. Structured and longer onboarding leads to shorter time to productivity
  35. 35. Employees in the longest onboarding programs gain full proficiency 34% faster than in the shortest programs: a difference of 4 months 90 day+ onboarding = 34% faster ramp-up
  36. 36. 90 DAY+ ONBOARDING ROADMAP TO PRODUCTIVITY WELCOME PERFORMANCE CONTINUOUS ALIGNMENT Pre-boarding Orientation Ramp up Collaboration Full autonomy Growth & Refinement Day 0 Day 1 Day 2 – 5 Day 10 Day 30 Day 60 Day 90 90+ Internal communication tools Individualtools Company handbook Product Details Competitors Market Insights Collaborative Tools Workflows Talent and skills development Welcome letter Welcome breakfast Lunch with manager Meet buddy Meetings with key people Lunch with team Sit-in & shadow Lunch with buddy Small team meetings Lunch with manager Team lunch Team activity Team buildingon- and offsite Digitized paperwork Reviewchecklist Site tour Equipment issue Role & responsibilities Review performance goals First individual project First collaborative project Individualand collaborative projects Adjustperformance goals Company knowledge Product and competitor Market Insights and Workflows Collaborative tools 30-day check-in Tools & Training Social Integration Autonomy & Productivity Check-in & Assess Ongoing and refresher training
  37. 37. Audit your onboarding with check-ins and identify knowledge gaps
  38. 38. Test for knowledge retention & give refresher training Day 1: Send an email with checklist, employee directory, and company handbook Day 10: Share a survey to assess company knowledge Day 30: Gamify a quiz to test competitor and product knowledge Day 60: Assess on workflows Day 90: Start consistent, periodic refresher training to reduce knowledge gaps and increase productivity Test on collaboration tools 90+ days: Test knowledge gaps Hold 30-day check-in meetings PLAY THE FREE VERSION Atrivity Onboarding Game
  39. 39. Refresher training in bite-size pieces for today’s new hire
  40. 40. Gamification will be used in 25 % of redesigned business processes by 2015, this will grow to more than a $2.8 billion business by 2016, and 70 % of Global 2000 businesses will be managing at least one “gamified” application or system by 2014. Bite-size gamified training GET THE ATRIVITY eGUIDE How to Gamify Organizations
  41. 41. Use Atrivity’s mobile game to fast-track new hires to productivity
  42. 42. Release new onboarding or training material daily
  43. 43. Customize Welcome Message Welcome Robert! Ready for today’s game? Check out these materials to get you through the challenges: 1. Video watch our CEO talk about the company’s mission, vision and values 2. Read PDFs for company policies, procedures & certifications. You have 3 challenges of 10 questions each covering these topics waiting for you on the next screen. Good luck!
  44. 44. Respond in the allotted time and score points 2015 2012 2017
  45. 45. Review performance data
  46. 46. Games for Onboarding • Shorten time to productivity • Increase motivation • Create learning culture • Increase knowledge retention • Accelerate learning • Increase retention Assess and refresh knowledge: TRY THE FREE VERSION ATRIVITY ONBOARDING GAME 2015 2012 2017
  47. 47. A good onboarding program means:
  48. 48. Greater employee retention ➔ 58% more likely to stay ➔ 69% more likely to stay for 3 years ➔ 20% more satisfied with direct managers
  49. 49. Get more tips - 11 Tips to Successful Onboarding 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 READ FULL ARTICLE 11 Tips for Successful Onboarding Do pre-boarding Automate and digitize mundane processes Be timely with commitments Welcome and orient Introduce to Who’s Who Have a Roadmap for performance Establish month-1 follow-up system Agree on a performance timeline Give opportunities to perform Be available Provide senior management recognition
  50. 50. Enjoy this? Find more on onboarding ● 11 Tips for Successful New Hire Onboarding ● 3 Practical Uses for Trivia Games in the Workplace ● Retail Onboarding - Best Practices 2017 ● Combating the Rising Costs of Bank Onboarding ● Redefining the Onboarding Process in Banking ● eGuide: How to Implement Gamification in Your Organization Hacks Resources READ MORE On the Atrivity Blog
  51. 51. Get more from the Atrivity blog ● Onboarding ● Training ● Employee engagement and retention ● Microlearning ● Forgetting curve ● Gamification SUBSCRIBE NOW Stay on top of trends in training
  52. 52. Atrivity uses SALES MARKETING CUSTOMER GAMES HR OTHERS Sales conventions & meetings Sales technique training Product training Cross-selling Customer knowledge Channel training Customer information Field team training New Product launches Promotions and campaigns Visual merchandising Studies and market trends Contests for customers Games for customers Social media Employer branding Employee onboarding Strengthen all trainings Compliance Who is who Assessments Internal news Company Communication Safety & regulations New processes Software training
  53. 53. Onboarding Game • Shorten time to productivity • Establish employer branding • Increase motivation • Create a learning culture • Increase knowledge retention • Accelerate learning ENGAGE NEW HIRES TRY THE FREE VERSION Atrivity Onboarding Game
  54. 54. Sources • Aberdeen Group • Allied Workforce Mobility Survey • BambooHR • BCG • CAP Study • • Gallup • Harvard Business Review • Inc. • Medium • Pew Research “State of American Jobs” • SHRM • Urban Bound